Holy Yoga Kids Class Sponsors A Child

Holy Yoga Instructor Brenda Canupp wanted to teach her Kids Class how to live a missional life, so she sponsored a little boy, Jiff, through Compassion International. Her students not only write to Jiff, but donate money monthly. Read more about how Brenda introduced Jiff to her students:  


In this picture everyone is doing their favorite pose. We learned about where Jiff was from and what he likes to do and has to do. In our yoga class we included things Jiff likes! In brief, we stood on our toes in Mountain pose and took “jump” shots because Jiff likes basketball. He has to run errands so we did Runner’s Lunge and moved our arms like we were “running”. He also has to carry water every day so we stood in triangle and stretched out our arms bending over when the water got heavy. He likes to play hide-and-seek so we got in a tiny ball (Child’s pose) and hid. He likes listening to music so we put our hands to our ears like headphones in Sphinx pose. He likes to swim so we “swam” in Locust/Superman pose. We read the story of how Jesus fed the 5000 with very little and still had leftovers and watched a YouTube video by Compassion International about children in the Philippines, and learned that we shouldn’t waste food or water. Finally, we learned how we should share what we have with others because Jesus can turn our few pennies into so much for Jiff.  

Following the class I received this message from the foster-mom of a 12-year old girl: “Tonight we did our nightly routine and only after I prayed she prayed. She prayed for the boy on the paper you gave her tonight. She asked God to bless his family and for his dad to be able to make more money for them. She also wants to give the rest of her birthday money to them.”  

I am having a ball with this. One of the children in my class wants to give ALL of his birthday money ($80) to Jiff! I am encouraging him that he doesn’t have to give everything, but can share some of what God has given him with Jiff. We also wrote letters and drew pictures tonight to send to Jiff and looked at a map of where Jiff lives compared to where we live. The kids were AWESOME! Even my “freelancers” was attentive and asked questions about Jiff and his family.