Meet the Staff of Holy Yoga Global, LLC!

This incredible team has so much depth and passion for wellness. We asked them, “What Does Wellness Mean to You?” and what else they are doing to activate wellness in their communities:

Brooke Boon, CEO

Wellness means that the Living God has access to the whole of my being: heart soul mind and strength.

Lea Benson, COO

Wellness occurs as we strive to establish God as the center of our existence. In practicing a balance in the health of our mind, body, and spirit, wellness occurs thereby allowing us to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Melissa Tresko, Executive Assistant:

In my current season, wellness means practicing equanimity in all aspects of life, and taking an engaged stance toward both happiness and suffering.

Melissa is in the process of opening a donation based community yoga studio – Olive Tree Yoga!

Valari Skinness, Finance Manager

To me, wellness is the active pursuit and practice of choices that lead to optimal growth and functionality, mind, body, and spirit.

Valari teaches Holy Yoga in her small town community in Minnesota and stays at home with her two handsome boys, Jude, 5 and Gabriel, 3. Actively seeking an environment for her family to exercise wellness is the most challenging and worthwhile opportunity.

Jonnie Goodmanson, Program Manager/Senior Trainer

I define wellness as an integrated experience of living life with one’s whole heart, soul, mind, and strength in sync within yourself and with God as the source of strength and Grace. I get to live this out as I teach the guided flow for Lifetime Fitness.

Christina Mroz, Program Manager/Senior Trainer

 Wellness means that you are thriving in mind, body, soul—things may not be 100% awesome but you feel alive and thriving in whatever the percentage.

I just relaunched by website/blog christinmroz.com and recently got certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist through Nutritious Movement®.

Katie Pearson, Program Manager/Communications

Wellness is joy–when regardless of all else there is a deep-seated contentment in your heart, soul, mind and body.

Katie Pearson is saying “yes” to pursuing her passion for Life Coaching by starting her own business, Be New (named after her first yoga studio), writing, and serving on staff at The Christian Coach Institute. She will continue to serve as part of the Holy Yoga team as a Lead Trainer for Yin, Leadership Development, Masters, Therapy and Trauma.

Kevin Pearson, Sales Operations Manager

Taking care of your mind, body and spirit–living a balanced life.

Shiloh McKasson, Enrollment Specialist

Wellness means to me being well body, soul and mind.I believe in taking care of myself emotionally, physically and spiritually. When I am aligned I feel empowered, connected, loved and authentic.

Shiloh is also owner of “Shiloh Style”: Ready to conquer the world – one closet at a time.

Emma Johnson, Enrollment Specialist

“An overall sense of harmony in my mind, heart, body and soul.”

Emma is in Utah until March exploring the mountains and their lovely and challenging hiking trails with my husband and doggie. Being outside in nature is my favorite place to be and hiking in the winter can be magical so I’m trying to soak it all in. I’m using this time away from home to seek God’s heart and His desires for my ministry in new ways. With that, I’m finding myself in a season of increase in my belief in God and His goodness. In regards to teaching I’m on a break from the private lessons I was doing since I’m away from home.

Tasha Anderson, Social Media Director

For me, wellness is an intentional way of living. I make choices for my life with the understanding that all things are connected…body, mind, and spirit.

Tasha teaches yoga at Triad Yoga and Pilates in Newport Beach, CA and enjoys working with a couple of private clients as well.

Amy Hoyte, Customer Service Specialist and Accounting Clerk

Wellness to me means offering my life for the glory of The Lord by living in the awareness of the presence of God, spending time doing the things that make me come alive, and offering love and joy from the overflow of what I have been given.

When asked the question “what are you dreaming about with God” I had no idea how to answer.  That was until one day, out on a walk with my dog, The Lord asked ME to think about the things that make me come alive, what activities do I do that offer me energy, life brimming with light…my responses were/are: hiking, being still and silent before the Lord-contending for more of His presence, and yoga. I knew then that was how HE wanted me to answer….to live out my original design.  Truly a dream….to Intentionally participate in the things that make me come alive, and invite others to join. So I have been stepping out in bold faith by offering (now a total of 4) contemplative yoga, hikes, with two more in the planning stage. I have just recently become certified as a Wilderness First Responded thru the National Outdoor Leadership School(NOLS). I now feel even more equipped to invite others to join me in longer contemplative yoga, backpacking trips. I am also currently taking an year-long online Spirituality and Practice course to learn about various ways people all over the globe contend for more of Gods presence. This is truly a dream, my Big Dream with God.

Jen Froning, Lead Trainer

Wellness is who I am in light of His Righteousness. Because of Him I am made radiant, whole and healed! It is thriving in the midst of life’s biggest messes and showing up fully and authentically me — raw and unpolished, but with a servant’s heart.

Beverly Steiger, Lead Trainer

As a public health education specialist, I believe optimal wellness results from a balanced integration of mind, body and spirit.

I also am celebrating my fourth year of business running the Holy Yoga of Connecticut studio!

Beata Rafacz, Assistant Events Specialist

Retreat to refill, We need to rest our bodies to be able to serve well.

Randi Wells, Events Specialist

Wellness is mental, physical and spiritual health and wholeness.

Randi teaches level 1/2 Holy Yoga at her local YMCA as well as chair yoga classes at a local senior center. She is also in the process of building a studio on site at her home which should be open in the Spring of 2019.

Ryan Kee, IT Project Manager

Wellness for me is coming back into alignment with the original design that God had for me when he created me, in mind, body, soul and spirit.

Jimmy Papia, Technology Innovation Support

Living a lifestyle committed to improving mind, body, and soul