• We (really) love what we do!

Being a yoga teacher is very much a calling. A deep passion placed on our heart by Jesus! It is not necessarily a career that pays all the bills, all the time. This means that what we are bringing to our mats and our classes are our whole hearts and obedience to what Jesus has asked us to do. We appreciate your financial contributions that keep us afloat so much!

  • No, we don’t need you to be an advanced student.

We know the fancy poses you see on Instagram. We know that you wonder if we want you to be able to do all those fancy poses. Nope, we don’t! Teaching yoga and success as a yoga teacher has much more to do with how much peace our students experience in our classes, not what kind of poses they can get into. In fact, many we know are dangerous for our students.

  • We have bad days, too. 

Many of us have come to yoga because of the peace it’s given our hearts and how we are able to experience God through mindful movement and worship. But this does not excuse us from bad days! We may know how to meditate and how important inner peace is, but we are not always able to access it at the switch of a light! We have days we don’t do yoga; we have days where we cry and feel no inner peace. We are on this journey with you. We are totally human too. Only God is deserving of our worship! 

  • We don’t expect you to show up to every single class.

See the point above. Just because you’ve missed one class or a handful of classes, please don’t feel you can’t return! You can come back as much or as little as you need. We know the benefits of consistent practice, but we are also aware that LIFE happens. And we never want you to feel you can’t come back anytime. 

  • We love feedback!

We don’t get much feedback…partially because we don’t always ask our students for feedback. Yoga is a personal practice, so we find this tricky to ask for. We do feel like we could be intruding. But we appreciate feedback so much! Let us know what you enjoy about our classes and what you’re struggling with. This is incredibly uplifting for us when it’s positive (see point one above) and incredibly helpful when its constructive criticism. We know we are on the potter’s wheel too, and your words could be exactly what God has put on your heart for us to hear. Please do let us know. 


If you want to learn more about becoming a certified Holy Yoga instructor, we encourage you to look into our upcoming 200 Hour training!



Post by Candice Clark. Candice is a registered counselor and yoga teacher that specializes in trauma and mental health. She has completed an Honors Degree in Psychology & has a calling for the healing and restoration of broken hearts. Spoken over her before she was 1 year old! She loves to write, love on her hubs & 2 fur-babies and spend uninterrupted time in God’s presence. She is currently wrapping up her Yoga Therapy training via Holy Yoga. You can find out more about her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/candsclarkvz or on her website www.candiceclark.co.za


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