95/225 Hour Instructor Training Frequently Asked Questions

Divine Transformation

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Is Holy what makes the Holy Yoga Training Program unique?

Holy Yoga is different and unique in the way that we train our instructors. We know that anyone who becomes a part of Holy Yoga has already been pre-destined to be a part of the ministry and has a gift to share with us.  We never want to miss the opportunity to see and learn from those gifts. In saying that, we base our training on the 1 Timothy way of teaching, where Paul exhorts Timothy to lead with his actions and in community rather than just in words. When you are a part of Holy Yoga, you are part of a community. We stand for connection, vertically and then horizontally. We train small groups of people.  We want to know you personally, pray for you individually, and have the bandwidth to connect with you when you call one of us.  One of the benefits of training this way is that regardless of where you are in the world, you have a community of people in your training pod that become your immediate community, friends and prayer team.  You retreat with them as well, so after becoming friends at a distance, you get to connect with each other face to face. Following retreat, you have a larger community of people all over the world who are doing what you are doing at the same time, people who can identify with and encourage you as you go home to do the work God has called you to do.  


How do I know I have been called to teach? Why Holy Yoga?

You know you have been called when you just cannot stop thinking about it.  As much as you try to redirect your energy, you will feel drawn to it.  That is called a God push or nudge.  Yield to it.  The fact that you are even reading this is an indicator that He is speaking to you! Holy Yoga was created to connect people to Christ.  If God has a plan for you with Christian yoga, you will receive the very best yoga training by some of the very best instructors in the world, you are given the tools to facilitate your ministry.  Holy Yoga stands for one thing, connecting people to Christ.  We have developed the behind the scenes systems for you to do just that.  


I’m a guy…can men register for the certification and teach Holy Yoga?

Absolutely!  The Holy Yoga Men’s Ministry exists to shepherd, disciple, and train men for a unique Holy Yoga ministry in their communities. For more information, email mensministry@holyyoga.net.  


What is the difference between the 225-hour and the 95-hour certification?

The 225-hour certification is the minimum requirement to be a Registered Holy Yoga instructor (R-HYI).  This certification is for people who are not already registered yoga instructors.   In contrast, the 95-hour home study/curriculum immersion program is for existing Registered Yoga Teachers who want to add the Holy Yoga designation to their offering.  The 95-hour accreditation gives you the mark of R-HYI (Registered Holy Yoga Instructor).  It bridges the gap biblically between classical and Christian yoga, and it educates you on the Holy Yoga philosophy, weaving the Word, and designing classes that inspire students and support biblical messaging.



When do the webinars and conference calls occur?

Refer to the Instructor Training Schedule in this packet for details on class start times.  **We will work one-on one with international students to resolve the logistics of participation in the webinars and life groups.  


What happens during the calls?

We spend 30-45 minutes of each call studying the Word together because it is the primary focus of the training and the experiential worship that comprises Holy Yoga. Studying the Word also teaches us how to meditate on God’s Word and then weave the Word into Holy Yoga. The rest of the time will be spent discussing the Holy Yoga study content for that week.  


Is there a lot of preparation for the webinars/conference calls?

You will receive a Holy Yoga instructor training manual that is divided into weeks of study. Each session begins with scripture. You are encouraged to study that scripture during that particular week. The scripture verses correlate with the Holy Yoga study content for the week. Each week you will have access to instructional videos of postures along with two videos for practice.


What if I have to miss a webinar due to travel, or work?

All of our webinars are recorded and posted within 24 hrs of the live event.  225/95-hr students may miss up to two webinars (we offer four different training day/time options specifically so you can choose the optimum time for your schedule!).

All other requirements still must be met to complete and be certified in the training, including homework submissions, video session recordings, and quizzes required for content and accountability. For any training that includes small group calls, prayer calls, or life groups, the student must attend these aspects live because community is a crucial part of any yoga training or continued education experience.

Students who miss a webinar and watch a recording must check in with the instructor trainer to keep up to date on their training experience.


What happens at the retreat intensive?

The foundation that is laid during the immersion is a platform for the experience of retreat. On retreat, every pose will be revisited with a clear articulation and structural foundation gained during the immersion. On retreat, you will also be immersed in adjustments and the full Holy Yoga worship experience.  


What is the benefit of distance training and going on retreat?

When we started training instructors, we taught local instructors in person and long-distance instructors via conference call. Over time, we discovered that the long-distance program is a more powerful platform because instead of just showing up to learn on a given day, the distance program requires the participants to devote time to preparing for the call and then participating in the call. We always say that a good instructor will tell you what to do and a great instructor will tell you how it feels. By studying on your own, you are afforded the opportunity to pay attention to sensation and God’s quiet still voice while on your mat. The home immersion lays the physical foundation and mechanics of understanding, from both a yoga perspective and a ministry facilitation perspective.

Teaching and Certification

Where are most Holy Yoga classes taught?

Most of our classes are facilitated in churches, although the YMCA does endorse Holy Yoga. Other possible locations include gyms, yoga or dance studios, women’s and mothers’ groups, universities and community colleges, and homes (for private lessons or small groups).  


How much do instructors typically charge for teaching a class?

The classes we hold in churches are typically donation-based classes. We suggest a minimum donation of $8 per class, but we have found that most participants give much more. We tend to shy away from a price list, as those who need it MOST may not have the resources. It also stays closer to our ministry roots. This varies greatly depending upon location.  


Can I teach “regular” yoga with certification from Holy Yoga?

Yes.  Your certification enables you to teach any style of Hatha yoga.  


After completing the Holy Yoga Instructor Program, what designation do I have?

If you choose to pay the basic licensing fee, you can use the designation R-HYI which means Registered Holy Yoga Instructor.  The R-HYI indicates at least 200 hours of yoga training.  


Is there any cost to maintain my R-HYI designation?

Yes.  There is an annual $47.97 fee to maintain your Holy Yoga certification (R-HYI designation) and use the trademarked name of Holy Yoga, it is processed on the final day of your instructor training retreat.  In addition, you may choose to register for SPARK, our on-line platform that assists you in establishing and growing your ministry. SPARK allows you to have a virtual studio with your own website and app so you can run your ministry from your phone.