"Holy Yoga is a special time for me to worship God fully with mind and body."

-- Peggy Erickson


"Not only does the earth spin pretty fast, but I'm wound pretty tight. In Holy Yoga, Brooke has a special way of slowing down time and helping my over-active mind decompress, unwind and reconnect to its true source. And the impact on my under-active body has been profound in terms of strength and flexibility. My connection to God is getting better with time, but rarely is it stronger than during Holy Yoga."

-- Tom Nichols


"When I attend class, I feel it is my time of the day where I can really focus on getting centered with God and myself. Holy Yoga helps me refocus what really is important in life. I love those classes! The more I go, the better I feel - no matter which level."

-- Shiloh McKasson


"Holy Yoga is Good for the Body and the Soul."

-- Gavin Rutledge



"By fully integrating the physical and spiritual aspects of my being during Holy Yoga, the integration of the emotional and intellectual aspects of my being comes more naturally in the rest of my life."

-- Dr. Michelle May


"Holy Yoga is about balance for me between the gentle and energetic. The gentle classes allow me take the time to be to more reflective, pray and listen to His will for me. Energetic classes are more of a time of praise and worship where I express my complete affection for the Lord through biblical meditation and movement. I love it! It is an amazing addition to the cultivation of my relationship with my Heavenly Father."

-- Kristy Smith

Teacher Training

The best part of this training is that it doesn't have to end...always something new to inspire on the website. I hope to be navigating that more as I access the resources.

I praise the Lord for  the opportunity Holy Yoga has given me to step out in my faith- I can't wait to teach a class with God's words spoken and sent out- God allows it to comfort, to inspire, to steady and strengthen, and bear fruit! I pray to grow in obedience to his call.
-- Donna Fischer R-HYI - New Jersey


Tears flow just thinking of the gift of life today, and how out of this season, Holy Yoga found me, and my calling was revealed. After my husband prayed over me last night before I went to my class, he reminded me of when we were dating and how I always longed to be passionate about my "work" and ministry, but that I had no clue as to what that is. This is it. It truly is.

"You let the distress bring you to God, not drive you from him. The result is all gain, no loss...We never regret that kind of pain" 2 Cor 7, The Msg

I feel BEYOND blessed to have studied at HY. I honestly have no words to describe the love I have for Holy Yoga and my desire to bring it to all that I know.

--Sara Jean Johnson, R-HYI - Colorado
"The Scripture based Holy Yoga online training transformed my relationship with Christ by putting me in touch with a prayer community of unconditional love.  As a survivor of child abuse and of a recent violent carjacking my spirit was lagging. I needed rejuvenation and Holy Yoga Instructor Training provided a reconnection with body, mind, heart and soul! My HYI partner and I are forever connected. I highly recommend Holy Yoga Instructor training if you want to transform your connection to Christ, need a prayerful support network of loving Christians and want to spread Christ's peaceful healing to all!"
--June Beyer, R-HYI

"My time on retreat was awesome. I discovered quickly that Brooke and the teaching team would deliver on their promise that Holy Yoga is all about Jesus and getting closer to Him. This was the ‘real deal.’ Not only so, but the yoga was also respectful of the Indian tradition and of the highest quality (in my judgment). I read the books on Christian yoga, and Brooke's book on Holy Yoga, but I was completely unprepared for just how powerful this stuff can be (and was for me) as a means of grace. The text of Scripture gets kneaded into one's musculature and comes alive! As if this wasn't enough, the fellowship of teachers and aspiring-teachers was amazing. There was nothing of that pretentious self-righteousness of religion, but only that genuine humility of people overtaken by grace and indebted to the love of Christ. I was immersed in the Body of Christ and it was functioning around me, healing me and bringing me the consolation of faith. It truly was awesome."
-- Peter Strand, R-HYI - Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey


"The community I experienced during retreat was overwhelming. WE encouraged one another in the different paths we are on in our lives and developed what I felt were heart felt life long connections. I have NEVER been a part of something so incredible and I was changed as a person of God for the better."
-- Robin Norgren, R-HYI - Graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary

"Finally my passion for fitness crossed paths with my love for Christ. Holy Yoga has blessed me as a fitness professional more than any other certification I have acquired over the years. Once you are given the tools to help you heal and touch others through the thorough and comprehensive Holy Yoga instructor certification, and you yolk that together with the Word and worship of our living God, you become that instrument that God can use to help either the lost or found live in true wellness."
--Alisa Keeton, R-HYI - Founder Weigh Less to Feed More

"During my Holy Yoga training, I felt the abundance of God’s presence. It’s clear that Brooke Boon humbly, joyfully, and gratefully seeks only the will of the Father. What’s more, the training and knowledge imparted is impeccable and of the highest quality, surpassing any yoga school I’ve experienced."
-- Kymberly Saulters, R-HYI
"Holy Yoga has brought me into a closer walk with the Lord daily on and off the mat. Before, I used to just practice yoga. Now I meet Jesus on my mat and life is so much more meaningful."
--Kay Williams
"I know God led me to Holy Yoga in 2011 to impact my personal worship in a powerful way, but more so to enable me to share my love for the Lord and His Word with others.   I can't tell you how much this ministry means to me and how much I love to worship through Holy Yoga!  God bless you and continue to give you His vision for Holy Yoga! ...And your right it is not about the Yoga!! :)"  

--Karen Lambert

Books / DVDs

"I applaud Boon for sharing her story of how she welcomed the Lord into her life. There are no greater words a true believer can hear than that a sister or brother has been saved. This book would make an excellent reference tool for the beginner or for those who seek to have a book that is filled with clear, easy to understand diagrams."
-- Suzie Housley, review from myshelf.com


"I am finished with Holy Yoga and I am even more excited to start training under you. I feel so blessed to be apart and to carry the mission out of honoring God with my whole being. I am thankful for the historical insight of the origins of yoga that it is not a religion. I feel much more confident in explaining to those who are fearful of yoga. And knowing that the darts will come either way and my eyes are focused on an audience of One."
-- Rachel Cassia


"Throughout the book, Boon uses Scriptural references to reaffirm Holy Yoga's intent: clearing the mind of everything except Jesus to facilitate the surrendering of our thoughts and wills to Christ. In this fast-paced and stressful society, prayer and studying the Word of God can be difficult because we are so easily distracted. Through the practice of Holy Yoga, Boon demonstrates that an attitude of continual prayer is a more attainable goal than we think."
-- armchairinterviews.com


"Most Christians don't expect to hear these two words in the same breath - "Christian" and "yoga". What would it be like? Can there really be such a thing? And more importantly, should there be such a thing? Brooke Boon answers the skeptics and enthusiasts alike in this ground breaking book/DVD combo."
--Carol Kurtz - Titletrakk.com