A 501c3 Non-Profit Ministry

Allison LaBianca - International Missions Director

International missions was something Allison La Bianca was introduced to in college.  During her first short term experience in South Africa she knew God had given her a desire to live overseas.  After a few years of teaching elementary school, she packed her bags and moved to Uganda where she spent 2 1/2 years diving into a new culture and world view and building deep relationships that would forever change her.  The teenagers she shared life with went through severe trauma as child soldiers and had difficulty putting words to their experiences.  Through this, Allison realized how powerful Holy Yoga could be for their healing process.
Immediately after returning from Uganda in 2013, Allison signed up for Holy Yoga teacher training.  Since attending her first Holy Yoga class in 2009, she experienced a deep connection to the Lord through this holistic form of worship and wanted to invite others in.  She also knew that God had given her a heart to see the broken and oppressed of all nations find lasting healing and freedom.  The Lord in his goodness made a way to bring these together through Holy Yoga International Missions.
Allison is a Master Holy Yoga instructor and is trained in Trauma Sensitive Holy Yoga. She currently lives in Pasadena, CA and she teaches 3 classes a week in the Los Angeles area.

Brooke Toftoy - Community Development Director

Brooke was introduced to yoga in 2004 by her dad, during a transition between cities and jobs. They took private Ashtanga yoga classes together, and Brooke fell in love with the practice. After years of being disconnected from her body, struggling with an eating disorder and over exercising, yoga allowed her to reconnect. Slowly, she breathed, and moved, and prayed into a healing space. After wondering (and googling) if anyone else brought their Christian spiritual practices onto their mats, she found Holy Yoga. In 2009 she went through Holy Yoga Instructor Training, and started teaching in 2010, and continues to teach weekly. She has continued to grow through Blooma's prenatal training, Holy Yoga's T3 Leadership Training, Holy Yoga Therapy Program, & Holy Yoga Masters. The Holy Yoga community has been an incredible blessing to Brooke, and her desire is that all Holy Yogis would know and experience what family in Christ can be. She's honored to serve on the Core Team as the Director of Community Development. 

Brooke spent 10 years working in full time ministry with high school and young adults at the church where she met the Lord as a teenager.  A voracious learner, she finished her Masters at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2014. She is a connector, loves getting to know people, helping people plug into meaningful community, being a prayerful and listening presence, and empowering people to lead and minister wherever they are.

Brooke lives in blustery, beautiful Minneapolis with her husband Jon & son Thor.

Christina Mroz - Administration & Specialty/Continuing Education Director

Christina Mroz’s mission is to inspire complete fitness to people of all ages and all abilities. With over 750 hours of yoga training and more than a decade instructing yoga and Pilates, Christina understands how the human body works and the common postural issues people face. Christina teaches classes to babies and parents, children, older adults, people with disabilities and pregnant women.

Christina is also passionate about educating women about their God-designed bodies and how to holistically treat many common female disorders and conditions that are often kept in secrecy and are typically covered in isolation and shame. By bringing these issues into the light, Christina empowers women to share about their struggles and pursue health in body and freedom in heart. She has developed curriculum to assist women who deal with problems such as prolapsed uterus, diastasis recti, and pelvic floor disorders.

Christina is the host of the Pre-Natal & Back Care Holy Yoga DVD and the Kids’ Holy Yoga DVD, and is co-author of the Kids’ Holy Yoga Scripture Cards. She is the Director of Holy Yoga’s Specialty Training Programs, which include Baby/Toddler Holy Yoga, Chair/Senior Holy Yoga, Pregnancy Holy Yoga, Holy Yoga with Weights, and Holy Yogalates. 

Jill Fisk - Soul Care Director

Jill Fisk serves as Director of Soul Care for Holy Yoga Ministries. She teaches prayer and meditation for the 95/225 hour program, Masters and Therapy certifications, and leads and equips the HY Leadership Team and Regional Shepherds in ongoing spiritual formation.  Jill is a spiritual director whose passion is to help ministry leaders live holy and whole lives with God: spirit, soul, and body. She teaches Holy Yoga in St. Louis, MO where she lives with her husband and their three children.

Jonnie Goodmanson - Chief Operating Officer/Lead Instructor Trainer

Jonnie Goodmanson is a Certified Massage Therapist with over 1,000 hours of training and 15 years experience in the field of injury and sports massage. For many years, Jonnie worked as a Full Time Instructor at the Arizona School of Massage Therapy, specializing in anatomy. At the school, Jonnie taught eight forms of bodywork, anatomy and physiology and pathology. This teaching included three years teaching in a cadaver lab setting. Jonnie serves the Holy Yoga core team as the Chief Operating Officer with an emphasis on instructor training and anatomical studies.  She teaches two classes per week in the Minneapolis area and has a degree in church ministry.

With a passion for finding God in our bodies, bringing health to her body by drawing closer to His son Jesus and helping others to do the same, Jonnie has found a home in the family-centered community of Holy Yoga.

Jonnie lives in Minnesota.

Katie Pearson - Executive Leadership Director

When God brought Holy Yoga into Katie’s life in June 2011, He answered her life-long prayer to work in ministry while allowing her to use the gifts and skills she had developed through her career in yoga and fitness. Katie has been a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor through ACE, as well as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) through Yoga Alliance, and Master Holy Yoga Instructor (M-HYI) through Holy Yoga. She has owned her own yoga studio, been featured in numerous yoga DVDs and written nationally-recognized programs and publications. Katie worked as a Master Trainer for YogaFit for 10 years before joining Holy Yoga, where she serves on the Core Team as the Executive Leadership Director, assists Jonnie with instructor training and coordinates the 95-Hour Immersion Program instructors.

Katie’s life and work have been transformed by her experience at Holy Yoga, where she has renewed and redefined her relationship with the Triune God and His Word. She feels deeply indebted to her family and friends for their support of her passion for yoga and ministry, and to God for His grace in equipping her daily to walk in the light. Out of this grace she desires to help others experience Christ’s love and healing power for themselves through the ancient and essential practices of combining God’s Word with both movement and stillness.

Katie lives in Phoenix, AZ, with her husband Kevin and two daughters, Key and Taylor.

Sara Kosobud - Financal Director

Sara was introduced to Holy Yoga while living in Phoenix, Arizona for more than ten years. Amazingly, Brooke Boon walked into her life and so did Holy Yoga. Sara's lifestyle is complete health and fitness. "Adding Jesus was, and is, the icing on the cake. After attending my first Holy Yoga class, I was so moved. I went home with a sense of peace and a strong desire to be a better wife, mother, sister, friend, and daughter. I couldn't believe this 'yoga' class could have that much impact. Being a part of Holy Yoga has brought Christ deeper into my life. I find it very rewarding and endlessly fascinating to be a part of a strong team that helps bring people closer to a more Christ-driven life. I am truly blessed to be able to take my gifts in finance and accounting and bring them to Holy Yoga in order to assist in the growth of this life changing ministry."

Sara now lives in Minnesota with her family: her husband John, and their two children, Carson and Kate. Sara's extensive background in finance and accounting has been a great asset to Holy Yoga. "Working in the corporate world was what I thought I was meant to do.  It brought home the money.  But something was always missing.  It was Jesus," says Sara.  

Sara joined the Holy Yoga family in 2009 and serves as the Director of Finance and sits on the Board of Directors for the Holy Yoga Foundation.