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Why Holy Yoga?

Holy Yoga Instructor Training great yoga and life changing Jesus. Watch the training experience and hear from Holy Yoga Instructors.

Why Holy Yoga? Because God told us to love Him with our mind, body, soul and heart. This is His greatest commandment. Then He said, “love one another.” That is Holy Yoga. Worshipping Jesus and loving those around us. –Caroline Grey

Holy Yoga's vision with Founder, Brooke Boon.

Nothing in this world is worth doing outside of Jesus. Holy Yoga offers a safe place to worship Jesus while doing yoga. Truly, Holy Yoga's first goal is to honor and glorify Him. The yoga is an extrinsic benefit or rather the mode in which we choose to meet with our LORD. Once I became aware of mission statement, the strong focus and physical benefits of Holy Yoga…I thought, why not Holy Yoga? –Adrienne Kinde, R-HYI

Why Holy Yoga? Because I was naive to the fact that yoga was not religion. I was afraid to try it because I thought it would it be contradictory to my Christian faith roots. Holy Yoga has opened my soul to a world of non-judgment, love and grace. –Shay Hampton, R-HYI

Hear even more instructors talk about this life changing program

Sue Bidstrup, R-HYI shares how Holy Yoga changed someone's life.

Holy Yoga is a COMPLETELY, COMPLETE experience. It allows me to strengthen my body, nurture my soul and DEEPEN my love connection to my Heavenly Father! There is not one square inch of my earthly being that is left untouched through my Holy Yoga experiences. –Nancy Iannios