Master Instructor Program

The Holy Yoga Master program graduate obtains the designation Master Holy Yoga Instructor (M-HYI). Only 95  or 225 Hour program graduates are eligible for this program who have received their Registered Holy Yoga Instructor accreditation. (200 hour graduates from other schools are eligible as long as they complete the 95 hour Holy Yoga Instructor Training Program). The certificate earned following completion of our program is to be used solely for Christ honoring ministry purposes with Holy Yoga.

The Holy Yoga Master program is an in depth discipleship program dedicated to equipping existing Registered Holy Yoga Instructors to go forth in ministry.  This 9 month program includes study of the Word, Christian living, mission driven service, in-depth therapeutic application of yoga.

Our next Master's Program will begin September, 2014.  Registration is now open.  To get more information download  this Holy Yoga Master informational packet.  If you have any additional questions on the Holy Yoga Master program please contact Brooke Boon at

If you are NOT a Registered Holy Yoga Instructor, please download either the 225 hour or 95 hour packet to begin your Holy Yoga journey.  If you have any questions about the 225 or 95 programs, please contact our Communications Director, Jo Ann Bauer at



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Upon paying your down payment and choosing your payment plan you will be fully registered for the program. NOTE: Your down payment will be drafted on the day you click "buy now". If you choose a payment plan, your first payment will be drafted one month after paying your down payment.


Pay in Full (10% discount) - $1345.50



Deposit of $250 and 2 Payments of $622.50



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Deposit of $250 and 6 Payments of $207.50