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Continuing Education Instructor - 95 Hour Instructor Training

Have you already been a certified Yoga Instructor now but are interested in become Holy Yoga Certified? Holy Yoga offers a 95 hour Instructor Training program that will not only add to the 200-hour training you have already received through other programs, but will also teach you how to usher your students into the presence of God on their mats. If this is you, and you are ready to jump in and bring Jesus to your classes, then download the Informational Packet below!

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Amazing Yoga, Life-Changing Jesus

Module 1 is a six-week, at-home online immersion

You will participate in six two-hour webinars/phone conferences. This is a live, interactive classroom setting, which is as easy as logging onto a website and calling the conference line. You can anticipate 10-15 hours of time commitment per week, including time on your mat, in your Bible, in prayer and meditation, reviewing your resource materials and studying. There are four online immersions offered each year. This is where you begin to build community and set the foundation of what defines a Holy Yoga Instructor.

Previously Certified Instructors - Gina Lee

Module 2 is a six-day, in-person retreat intensive

This is where the magic happens and the Lord meets you in a profoundly powerful way. At this intensive, you will build on the foundation of your online training and really begin to understand what differentiates a Holy Yoga Instructor.

You’ll participate in practical and advanced application through large group class and workshop experiences and small group discussions. All of your training will be centered around study of God’s Word and worship with your bodies.

Holy Yoga offers two week-long retreat intensives annually in Arizona. Come willing. Leave transformed.

What does a Holy Yoga Retreat look like?.

While you are encouraged to take the immersion first and the retreat intensive second, it is not mandatory, and we can accommodate your schedule preference. Both segments must be completed within one year. For more information, please download the 95-hour Informational Packet that will provide complete details on our training and enable you to begin your Holy Yoga journey.