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Continuing Education

"Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning." Proverbs 9:9

The Holy Yoga Continuing Education Program was created to facilitate ongoing growth in serving the Lord and His flock through Holy Yoga. To maintain the high level of integrity that is the Holy Yoga family and the Holy Yoga experience, Registered Holy Yoga Instructors (R-HYI) are required to be consistently growing in the WORD and further their yoga education. The Holy Yoga Continuing Education Program has two intended purposes: to keep Holy Yoga Instructors updated in their training and for Holy Yoga to maintain an understanding of which instructors are continuing to teach in their areas.

Documentation of the Continuing Education (CE) needs to be submitted to Holy Yoga for review every three (3) years. Instructors need to submit documentation of hours to Holy Yoga for review and approval by January 31st every three (3) years, if you were certified prior to May or June 30th if you were certified after May in order to stay accredited by Holy Yoga. Failure to complete the required credits may result in the termination of your Holy Yoga trademark usage.

**If you are not instructing for an extended amount of time, please submit the attached grid stating so following the January deadline every 3 years.**

Holy Yoga’s Continuing Education Requirements

Bible Study: At least 1 per calendar year.

Being rooted in the Word of God (the Bible) is the most important part of teaching Holy Yoga. With a firm foundation in God’s holy scriptures, our teaching becomes an experience that touches our students in every part of their being--body, soul, mind & spirit. It is our understanding of the Word combined with the revelation of God’s Spirit through us that makes Holy Yoga unique. For this reason, it is essential that Holy Yoga instructors continue to grow in knowledge of, experience in, and love of the Bible. Bible studies are not limited to only what Holy Yoga offerings.

Examples: Holy Yoga's Virtual Bible Studies or a Bible study at your church or in a small group.

Teaching Hours (45):These hours are acquired by teaching 45 hours of yoga each three year period. Teaching may consist of regular classes, workshops, retreats, in both the Holy Yoga or Hatha Yoga style.

Training/Instruction Hours (30):These hours are acquired by attending yoga trainings in-person (contact) or virtually (non-contact) each three year period.

A minimum of 10 Contact Hours - Continuing Education contact hours can be obtained through hands-on (in-person) Holy Yoga instructor trainings, Holy Yoga workshops, yoga courses and discussion/study groups in any of the five educational categories, and additional Bible studies.

Examples: Holy Yoga Touch Training, Holy Yoga with Weights, Jesus at the Core Workshop, re-retreating at a Holy Yoga Immersion Retreat, Holy Yoga workshop, yoga workshop, Revelation Wellness Instructor Training on Anatomy

No more than 20 Non-Contact Hours- Non-Contact hours are completed virtually or not in-person.

Examples: Chair/Senior Holy Yoga Training, Baby/Toddler Holy Yoga Training, Holy Yogalates Training, Pre-/Post-Natal Training, Masters Program, Holy Yoga Monthly Anatomy Calls, Kids' Holy Yoga

Educational Categories for Holy Yoga

Methods Instruction and Practice: Includes postural work (asana), breath work (pranayama), meditation, weaving the Word, and student adjustment. Hours may be considered for both instruction in how to teach and how to practice these techniques as well as experiencing the techniques as a student during trainings.

Instruction Techniques/Teaching: Includes furthering the R-HYI’s understanding of how to demonstrate poses/practices, assisting/adjusting poses, facilitating engagement and alignment, how to teach with sincerity and clarity, how to understand the students’ experience, and operating a personal Holy Yoga ministry.

Anatomy and Physiology/Science: Includes understanding of the created human body and its systems and functions, including physical and energetic systems. This type of study assists the R-HYI in understanding how yoga practice can benefit their students holistically (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), precautions and contraindications, and how to maximize the benefits of the gift of yoga.

Yoga Philosophy and Christian Discipleship Practices: Includes the study of yoga philosophy and traditions as well as study of Biblical principles for disciples of Christ in the context of yoga. R-HYIs are encouraged to study similarities and differences between traditional yoga philosophy and Biblical scripture. R-HYIs may explore yoga as a compliment to or as part of traditional Christian disciplines (ex. meditation, prayer, fasting, worship) in this category.

Practicum/Application:Includes the practice of observing others in teaching and being observed while teaching, giving feedback and encouragement to other instructors and receiving feedback and suggestions with humility and grace.

Continuing Education hours need to be submitted for the following instructor designations:

  • M-HYI 500 (Master Holy Yoga Instructor) - A Holy Yoga Instructor with a minimum of 500 hours of yoga instructor training that meets Holy Yoga standards. (M-HYI’s can provide continuing education for R-HYIs).
  • R-HYI 225 (Registered Holy Yoga Instructor) - A Holy Yoga Instructor with a minimum of 225 hours of Holy Yoga instructor training that meets Holy Yoga standards.
  • R-HYI 95 (Registered Holy Yoga Instructor) - A Holy Yoga instructor with a minimum of 225 hours of yoga teacher training and 95 hours of Holy Yoga instructor training that meets Holy Yoga standards.

Continuing Education Hours can be provided by:

  • M-HYIs—Instructors who have earned the designation of Master Holy Yoga Instructor (M-HYI).
  • E-RYTs 200—(Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) - A yoga teacher with a minimum of two years and 1,000 hours of teaching experience. Can be a Director and/or Primary Instructor of a 200-Hour teacher training program.
  • E-RYTs 500—RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) - A RYT 500 that has significant teaching and training experience. Can be a Director and/or Primary Instructor of a 200-Hour teacher training program
  • Holy Yoga Specialty Certifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do I need to submit my hours?

A. Your three years starts after completion of the 225 or 95 hour instructor training program.

Q. Does attending a yoga class count toward my 10 contact hours?

A. No. These must be training or instructional hours. Attending a yoga workshop would count.