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Instructor FAQ

You know you have been called when you just cannot stop thinking about it. Holy Yoga was created to connect people to Christ. You will receive the very best yoga training by some of the very best instructors in the world and are given the tools to facilitate your ministry. Holy Yoga stands for one thing—connecting people to Christ. We have developed the behind-the-scenes systems for you to do just that.

Yeah! You do not need any experience to fall in love with yoga. In fact, Holy Yoga is less about the yoga and more about Jesus, so all you need is a healthy love of the Lord to know you are in the right place! It may even be easier to learn and teach from a clean slate. Holy Yoga is a style of yoga with specific directions, verbal articulation and experiential components that inspire experience that anyone can learn.

You can participate in the home immersion portion of our program via web in tandem with Skype (internet free long distance). The only additional cost you will have to incur is the purchase of a headphones or a headset. Depending on your computer, you may already have speakers that will work. If you are using Skype, you may not be able to contribute to the conversation, depending on your connection quality. You must have a headset with a microphone if you wish to speak during the immersion webinars. If not, you can elect to hear only and use the text chat during the sessions. All of the webinars are recorded and can be viewed at a later time with better video and audio quality. If the time change proves to be a problem, you can always review the files from the Instructor portal.

Great! The 95-hour accreditation gives you the mark of R-HYI (Registered Holy Yoga Instructor). It also gives you access to the education of the Holy Yoga teaching, bridging the gap Biblically between classical yoga and Christian yoga, weaving the Word and designing classes that inspire and support Christ-centered messaging.

As a certified Holy Yoga instructor, you will have your own unique user account to the instructor website. The site will include access to instructor tools, including written and video of Holy Yoga asana descriptions, modifications, props, variations, and adjustments. It will also provide instructor tools, education information, and the ability to add your own classes to the site.

The tools to help you facilitate your ministry are already designed and developed. We will introduce you to the marketing and expansion tools that are available to you as a Holy Yoga instructor during your Holy Yoga Instructor Training. These marketing materials and tools include flyers, posters, articles, handouts, business cards and press releases. These tools are available in the password protected Holy Yoga Instructor Web Portal. You will also have your own page on our website that will include your bio/testimony, photo and class/ministry information. You will also benefit from all national and international media that directs interest to the web site and your specific location.

If you have met the requirements of the Holy Yoga Instructor Training program and have successfully completed training and student teaching, then you are ready and qualified to teach. Holy Yoga is a calling from the Lord. He will prepare your way to share.

Holy Yoga has designed and developed multiple tools and strategies to introduce a Holy Yoga Ministry to different settings, including churches, studios, YMCAs, traditional gyms, corporate environments, schools and private teaching. You will be given tools to assist you in securing whatever space you are considering.

Holy Yoga considers itself a ministry, but you are welcome to charge for your classes, depending on the arrangement you have with the facility where you are teaching. You can choose to have a flat rate or request donations. Either way will work and, remember, God is faithful and will provide.

They will need a yoga mat, block and strap. Depending on where you are teaching, the facility may provide these items for your students. 

Holy Yoga is an internationally recognized yoga instructor training program, fully accredited and insurable. If you have met the requirements of the Holy Yoga Instructor Training program and have successfully completed training and student teaching, then you are ready and qualified to teach. We believe Holy Yoga is a calling from the Lord. He will prepare your way to share.

Holy Yoga is a corporation exempt from tax. Like any business, costs must be covered including allocable overhead and a modest excess for reserves to help us sustain this organization. The distinction is that, in our case, this small excess is not taxable to Holy Yoga and thus available to support the continuation and evolution of these trainings, consistent with our mission.

Our Mission since 2003: Holy Yoga is experiential worship created to deepen people's connection to Christ. Our sole purpose is to facilitate a Christ-honoring experience that offers an opportunity to believers and non-believers alike to authentically connect to God through His Word, worship and wellness.

The program costs include the retreat facility, retreat meals, retreat shuttle transportation, trainers, printing, supplies, communications, and staff costs. 77% of each student’s tuition is direct program cost, 8% admin support, and 15% excess for reserves, which are allocated to program development, missions, giving to charitable causes and scholarships.

Yes.  There is an annual $47.97 fee to maintain your Holy Yoga certification (R-HYI designation).