to the mission of Holy Yoga

The mission of Holy Yoga is to spread the truth of God’s Word and God’s love throughout the entire world. We are a global ministry based on the truth that there is no boundary to what God can do. We believe He wants Holy Yoga to minister to every tongue, every nation, and every tribe and one way we can do that is through the help of your monetary donations.

You are invited to experience Galatians 5:22 with us through our Fruits of the Spirit donor program. Prayerfully consider joining us by giving a monthly tax deductible donation to further the international ministry of Holy Yoga.

Partner with Holy Yoga

Donors will receive quarterly updates on how funds are being utilized to further God’s kingdom, as well as discounts on various services such as virtual Bible studies and workshops.

More than anything, know that you will be an absolutely vital part of the Lord’s ministry to move the gospel of Christ forward to the ends of the earth in a powerfully unique, intimate and life-transforming way.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this mission.

Holy Yoga Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. No goods or services will be exchanged for your generous donation. All donations qualify as a charitable tax deductible contribution.

Where Your gift will go

  • Construction of a virtual platform for Bible studies
  • Outreach educational opportunities
  • Tuition scholarships
  • Mission work overseas and in our own communities
  • Relief funds for our Holy Yoga family members in need