HY Getaway

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I can not recommend the HY Getaway enough. It is truly a RETREAT….a time to renew, recover, restore, reignite, rediscover, relinquish and I could go on and on with the ‘re’ words. I looked through my journal to try to pull out nuggets to share here and there is just so much…too much….plus my gift is not at all the written word. At this re-retreat, I felt as though the Lord, truly 100% took me away with Him…alone…just me. I felt completely saturated by the Spirit of God in the dessert….overwhelmingly so. I will add that I think this place (the location, the retreat center, the dessert) is holy ground. It is a very special and powerful place to retreat to.  It was obvious that Leadership put so much thought and work into planning this retreat and so many prayers poured out over every little detail. Everything from the bible studies and small group time to the yoga practices and mini workshops were so rich and super fun as well. I enjoyed such life-giving conversations sitting around the table at meals, hanging out by the pool and within our small group. The quiet moments alone and just being present were so beautiful too. It was all so amazing. The days were full yet there was plenty of time to just rest and enjoy this part of God’s creation. I never felt physically tired or fatigued yet I stayed up late processing all God was doing with my roommate every night! The stars out there from the hot tub at night…unbelievable. This retreat was a soul centering, fun and restful get away. HY Getaway was definitely a personal highlight of my Holy Yoga Instructor experience.
Brenda Westfall , M-HYI

Whether you are a brand new yogi, someone who desires an integration of your faith into your yoga practice, or a seasoned yoga instructor, we invite you to Getaway with Holy Yoga. We’ll spend the weekend taking Master classes & workshops; meeting for morning meditation, Bible study & small groups; and of course, resting & laughing together. This is a time to be poured into, loved, refreshed and restored.

Our next retreat will be coming soon.