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Holy Yoga TV

Online yoga membership

Christ centered yoga

Access to hundreds of yoga flows all centered around the Gospel.

New content weekly

Get access to new flows and pose breakdowns weekly.

World class instructors

Learn and grow with our best master Holy Yoga instructors.

What’s Included

  • Each Monday a new video will be released and available in your unique user account. The videos include gentle, slow flow, power and advanced practices ranging from 20-50 minutes in length, all taught by Master Holy Yoga Instructors.
  • Each month you’ll receive an in-depth posture breakdown that you can use to grow your practice.
  • You’ll also get access to the complete HY TV video archives – an ever growing collection of past classes.

Try Holy Yoga TV

Watch this example video to see what HY TV is like.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the billing cycle?
Your subscription will be billed each month on the same day of the month that you initially subscribed.
How do I cancel my automatic payment?

Login to your Holy Yoga TV user account, click on My Account, then click cancel next to your subscription.

How do I access my Holy Yoga TV videos?

To access your Holy Yoga TV videos, you will login to your user account on holyyoga.me.  Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the navigation link that says “My HY TV”. When you click this link you will have direct access to the latest HY TV videos.

How many videos will I have access to each month?

Each week a new video will be released, adding to a growing library of high-quality video classes designed for all levels and abilities. These classes are designed to help you expand and grow your Holy Yoga practice.

Are there playlists that go along with the yoga flows?

Yes, we are on Spotify.  Download the Spotify app and then follow Holyyogaofficial.  We have an array of playlists for you to connect with your worship.

Will I have access to content from previous months?

Yes. You will have access to our full, growing library of video classes.

Will I have to download anything?
Lucky you! You don’t have to take up any space on your hard drive, or deal with frustrating download issues!
What are the descriptions of the classes? How are they different from each other?
  • Holy Yoga Slow Flow Class
    Introspective slow movements linking breath with motion. Focus is on breath work and reliance on God through meditation. Slow enough for all levels while giving more advanced students the opportunity for growth.
  • Holy Yoga Gentle Class
    Soft and slow exploration of postures and breath. Some movement. Great for beginners or as an opportunity to let God’s grace in.
  • Holy Yoga Power
    Immerse yourself to explore your edge, discover and awaken your spirit. Be prepared to move, sweat, stretch deeply and breathe into a powerful physical challenge. At the same time, this practice will open you up to feeling gratitude, peace and joy.
  • Holy Yoga Advanced Class
    Challenge yourself with a longer class length and more advanced flows and postures.  Find new spaces within your practice and with the Lord as you dive deeper into this physical and spiritual practice.
Can I use Holy Yoga TV to facilitate a virtual group class?

While being led by a certified Holy Yoga instructor for shared classes is ideal, we understand that there may not be a certified Holy Yoga instructor in your area. You are free to use HY TV in your home the way you choose. We pray that there would be an individual in your community led to pursue becoming a Holy Yoga Instructor so that true community and worship can be developed in your area.

Can I watch these videos on my TV?

Holy Yoga TV can only be played on TVs with an internet browser.  You have to open the browser and then log in to your Holy Yoga TV account.  Or you can connect your computer to your TV via an HDMI cable.