Belgium is pretty simple. Anyone who operates a business must carry insurance both for themselves and for their customers. I’d imagine if you are employed by a studio you then fall under their insurance. If, however, you teach on your own like at a church or private classes, you need your own business insurance. This can be done in two ways.

  1. You start your own business and as part of the setup process you will be required to get insurance (Xerius can be a good resource for setting this up).
  2. You set up a business activity through an organization like SMart or T-heater. With these organizations you only claim the actual days that you work, which are subsequently covered by their insurance as part of the fee you pay them.

It’s important to note that something like yoga insurance just doesn’t exist here. There’s not really a way to be covered unless you are under a working scheme. That said, this also makes it very difficulty to offer free or low donation classes. Belgium just isn’t set up for that since the social system is paid via (very high) working taxes. I’ve looked a little bit into non-profit status and also international non-profit status (which is what European NGO networks use here) in case in the future it could make sense to have multiple teachers operate under this kind of umbrella.