All you hear about lately is Facebook. Facebook is not only changing many aspects of our society but it is also changing Holy Yoga. Next to the Holy Yoga website, Facebook is the 2nd most popular way that people find out about our ministry via the internet. This is HUGE!!!


Facebook provides an avenue for Holy Yoga to keep marketing costs to a minimum and allow more revenue to be given away in scholarships and outreach – all of this filters down to expanding the Kingdom of God.


For these reasons, we encourage ALL instructors to create a Facebook page for their area. For examples, you can look at Twin Cities Holy Yoga, Holy Yoga of Dallas, Holy Yoga of Charleston, SC, Holy Yoga of Buffalo and many, many more. You can see all the Holy Yoga pages by doing a simple search for “Holy Yoga.” We encourage you to ‘like’ each of these pages (more details on why you would ‘like’ something below).

How to Create a Holy Yoga Facebook Page for Your Area

  1. Determine who will be the administrator of the page for your area. If you are in an area with several instructors, discuss who should be administrator and what contact information you would like to use on the page. More than one person can have administrator rights, but we suggest that one person be the primary administrator to manage content.
  2. Click on this link to get started creating your Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=904#!/pages/create.php).
  3. Choose “Company, Organization, or Institution.”
  4. From the drop-down box, you can choose Church/Religious Organization, Non-Profit Organization, or Organization.
  5. Type in the name you would like to call your page. Make sure it includes the name of your area, so My Area Holy Yoga or Holy Yoga of My Area would be good choices.
  6. Read the terms of use and click the checkbox.
  7. Facebook has now generated a page for you. Right underneath the name of the page is a hyperlink that says “Edit Info.” Here is where you can add whatever contact information you want to make available on Facebook. You can write a description for the page. If your area has its own website, you can list that web address. Always click “Save Changes” whenever you add something to this section.
  8. Next, upload an image that will be used as your profile picture. You can add the Holy Yoga logo by downloading it from the portal. You can use a picture of someone in your area doing a yoga pose. You can have a picture of a yoga class. You want to use a picture of some kind!
  9. If you want to suggest that all the people on your friends list “like” your new page, click on “Suggest to Friends” and click on each individual you want to send it to. Even if you want to send it to everyone on your list, you have to click on each person individually. As of right now, there is no “choose all” option.
  10. If you have a list of contacts outside of Facebook, like an email list of students, you can choose “Import Contacts” and import an Excel spreadsheet or Outlook Contact List or you can give Facebook permission to grab your contact list from a Yahoo or Gmail type mail account. This will send an email to everyone to “like” your page if they have a Facebook account.
  11. You can click “Post Update” to put up your first status.
  12. If you want to add a link from your webpage to this Facebook page, choose “Add Like Box” and Facebook will generate a button for you to put on your webpage.
  13. In the upper right-hand corner of your page is a button “Edit Page.” You can alter the settings of the page however you wish. On the left-hand side of this section are more areas that you can adjust, including “Manage Admins.” You will see yourself listed – if you want to give access to anyone else, add them here. Also on the left-hand side is “Insights” which you can check whenever you want to see how much traffic and interaction your page is getting.
  14. In this same area, you can click on basic information and fill in the appropriate details. You can also create a username for your page like www.facebook/yourareaholyyoga.com. You can then use this to help drive people to your page.
  15. You are all set-up with your very own Facebook page!

What you should add to your Facebook page?

  • Regular status updates
  • Pictures
  • Student testimonials
  • Links to all the videos on the Holy Yoga website
  • Classes that are being taught in the area (as events)
  • Area workshops or retreats (as events)
  • Promotion of our instructor training programs
  • Breathe Love GIve campaigns
  • Online Bible study registration details

Some Notes on Status Updates

  • You want to update your status regularly if you want to get traffic to your page. Your status updates will show up in people’s news feeds just like a status for any of their friends, which will mean that it will get bumped down their list every time one of their friends posts a status. BUT, don’t go crazy with posting because people can “unlike” your page or hide all your posts from their news feed if they don’t like seeing so many posts from you.
  • Do not make all your posts promotional. Facebook is about relationships, not about promoting a business. You will lose effectiveness and “likes” if people feel like all they see from you are sales pitches. Allow your personal voice to come through so they see the person or people behind the page.
  • You can link to your page from your personal status by using the @ symbol and then typing your page’s name. You can do the same thing to link to the main Holy Yoga Facebook page or any other page, such as the specialties pages or other area HY pages.
  • Have one administrator be the primary point person for posting status updates. This will insure that it gets done on a regular basis and that there is some continuity to the voice being presented through the page. Confusing fans is a quick way to lose fans.
  • In anything you post, do not come across as speaking for all of Holy Yoga. Feel free to represent your area, just not Holy Yoga at large. Stay away from posting anything that indicates a particular theological stance, particularly one that goes against what is listed on Holy Yoga’s website (https://holyyoga.net/about). We encourage you to post Bible verses or quotes from well-known people, as long as they are in line with what Holy Yoga is and represents. Also, stay away from posting anything political or otherwise inflammatory. We want unity in the body. You can also refer to the Branding and Trademark Usage document to make sure you are in compliance with Holy Yoga at large. This is found under Basic Licensing Resources > Branding & Logos.
  • We encourage you to re-post anything that is posted on the main Holy Yoga Facebook page, particularly links to media coverage that we are attempting to disseminate.