In a culture that uses social media as a means of marketing, hashtags are a very important tool. Hashtags are like folders, allowing people to essentially search for a subject and find a plethora of images, tweets, or Facebook posts.

You can utilize hashtags on your personal and ministry social media platforms to bring awareness to what you are posting about. Example: if you are posting an inversion photo you might use the hashtags #holyyoga #yoga #inversions #invertyoself (that’s a big one) #yogainspiration. This will allow people who ordinarily would never find you to connect with you and what you are doing.

Instagram doesn’t allow for more than 30 hashtags – which is actually awesome because a whole lot of hashtags can make you look like a spammer. We suggest posting your image with a caption and then using the comment section to add your hashtags – this way you aren’t filling up other people’s feeds with your tags.

It is always wise to watch the hashtags that other people are using to see if they are commonly used tags, especially if they have a larger following. If they are, and if they pertain to your message, then use them! The more traffic you bring to your platform, the more you further the message of your ministry/business!

*A quick note about social media handles.*

You should really be intentional with what your social media handles are. People may not take you as seriously if your Instagram handle is something sarcastic or immature. Be intentional. Represent yourself well. Then make sure to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ other businesses or ministries like yours or people who have the same interests as you. There are never too many people fighting for freedom and loving others. There is no competition because there is always room for more in His kingdom.