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Holy Yoga Class Types


Adaptive Holy Yoga classes are designed to meet the unique needs of people with disabilities or disabling illnesses or accidents to provide students with a physically safe and spiritually meaningful experience.

Baby Holy Yoga

Baby Holy Yoga's purpose is to foster a connection with babies and God from birth to 2 years of age.

Chair Holy Yoga

Chair Holy Yoga provides an opportunity for people who need to use a chair to experience the great joy of our Lord through physical worship, breath, and meditation.

Holy Yoga Plus

Yoga for any body, every body. Focus is on breath work, yoga poses (with modifications when necessary) and meditation. Becoming comfortable in and with our bodies while relying on His strength. All levels welcome.

Holy Yoga with Weights

Holy Yoga with Weights is a classic flow class with aspects of cardiovascular work and resistance training added in. Emphasis is on alignment while adding resistance in a functional way that helps students understand the importance of functional training. Participants should bring a set of light hand held weights and a towel.

Holy Yogalates Class

Combination of Holy Yoga movements with the fundamentals of Pilates' abdominal work.

HY Flow Class

Revitalizing and fun class set to up beat worship and praise music. A lot of movement combined with challenging postures designed to inspire strength and de-toxification. Come ready to sweat! All levels welcome. Some yoga experience recommended.

HY Gentle Class

Soft and slow exploration of postures and breath. Some movement. Great for beginners or just as an opportunity to let God's grace in. All levels welcome.

HY Level 1 Class

Fundamental postures and breath work that introduce the principles of foundation, alignment, and focus. Appropriate for all levels.

HY Level 1/2 Class

Fundamental postures in a more up beat class with an emphasis on strength, alignment and perseverance. Some yoga experience recommended.

HY Power

Immerse yourself to explore your edge, discover and awaken your spirit. Be prepared to move, sweat, stretch deeply and breathe into a powerful physical challenge. At the same time, this practice will open you up to feeling gratitude, peace and joy.

HY Restorative Class

Comfortable, supported postures and therapeutic breathing techniques combine to rejuvenate and deeply relax your body and release residual tension. Peaceful, calming and nurturing. All levels welcome.

HY Slow Flow Class

Introspective slow movements linking breath with motion. Focus is on breath work and reliance on God through meditation. Slow enough for all levels while giving the most advanced student the opportunity for growth.

Kids' Holy Yoga Class

A fun class designed to introduce the principles and importance of yoga movements, breath and God's Word. Suggested age of children is between 3 and 10 years.

Post-Natal Holy Yoga Class

Holy Yoga for Postpartum is beneficial for the initial stages of postpartum while the body is still in the process of recovering from birth.

Pre-/Post-Natal Holy Yoga Class

Pre-/Post-natal Holy Yoga combines the elements of Pre-natal and Post-natal Holy Yoga to present a class designed to nurture a mother's body during and soon after pregnancy. Welcoming to pregnant moms and those with newborns wishing to return to or start a yoga practice.

Pre-Natal Holy Yoga Class

Pre-Natal Holy Yoga provides a unique opportunity for pregnant women to celebrate and bond with the amazing gift of life by inviting God into their relationship through physical worship. It also helps to prepare the body, mind, and spirit for the elements of birth and delivery

Senior Holy Yoga

Senior Holy Yoga, taking the great joy to all people (Luke 2:10 NLT). Senior Holy Yoga provides an opportunity for people 55 years and older to experience the great joy of our Lord through physical worship, breath, and meditation.

Teen Holy Yoga

Teen Holy Yoga classes are geared toward developing bodies and minds, and the unique social, emotional and spiritual needs that accompany these transitional and transformational years (generally 13 to 18).

Toddler Holy Yoga

Baby Holy Yoga's provides an opportunity for toddlers to learn about God's love through play, movement, games and fun.  

Trauma-Sensitive Holy Yoga Class

A Trauma-Sensitive Holy Yoga class provides the opportunity for students to explore how their bodies may carry their emotions and experiences. Students are given space to learn coping skills that help manage anxiety, depression and stress. They are taught mindfulness and meditation to facilitate intimacy with the Lord as they move through postures that restore a sense of safety in their bodies. This is a practice that can vary in difficulty, but offers plentiful modifications as each student is empowered to listen to and honor their body's specific needs.