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Tasha Anderson

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About Me

I’m a daughter of The King. Trying to live out the Gospel life, seeking a culture of grace, because I need it. We all do. And trying to share this walk with others by being authentic. And by that, I mean not pretending to be perfect. Because none of us are. We are broken and messy and that's where He meets us. I love the description of " just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread." That's me. Lover and follower of Jesus. I am a wife of 20 years and counting and a mother of 3 amazing kids. We live in Irvine, California. I am the Social Media Director for Holy Yoga Ministries. I hold the following certifications, through Holy Yoga: 500 hour Master Holy Yoga Instructor, Holy Yoga Therapeutics, Holy Yoga Touch, Holy Yoga with Weights, and lastly I am also a certified Holy Yoga Teacher Trainer (T3) and serve on the leadership team at immersion retreats. I co-lead Holy Yoga Selah Retreats and Workshops here in Southern California with the Holy Yoga Selah Team.

About My Practice

I've been practicing yoga since 1994. I love a challenging vinyasa flow class and as I am now in my mid-forties I have a new found love and respect for a gentle yoga class as well. I have found Holy Yoga to be an amazing tool to manage my stress and anxiety, through the breath work and the work of the Holy Spirit. As much as I love teaching yoga, I love learning and experiencing other instructor's styles and practices.

My Certifications