Julie Ignacz

Divine Transformation

Julie Ignacz

Instructor Trainer

Julie is an educator with a passion for partnering with others to assist them in discovering and developing the best in themselves.  She coached developmental gymnastics for 11 years until the Lord closed that door in exchange for the opportunity to teach barre at the studio where she had attended yoga and barre classes. As a practitioner since 2010 and a teacher since 2014, she has fallen in love with how yoga cultivates holistic transformation in the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of those who practice.  While the initial focus of her yoga practice was strictly physical in nature, she found that, while holding a pose, a scripture or line from a worship song would often come to mind. In these moments, the words seemed to resonate more profoundly within her than they did when she heard them in other settings. The connection of mind, body and spirit was powerful! Her desire is to help others to be transformed by renewing their minds and bodies by connecting with Christ on their mats.

As a yoga teacher, she has had the joy of coming alongside practitioners from all walks of life on their transformational journeys by leading classes at studios, retreats and private settings.  Currently, she teaches power and yin yoga at a local studio and offers private sessions to individuals and groups.