100 Training Requirements

Classroom Sessions

  • Sessions start promptly.
  • Arrive to each session at least 15 minutes early, so we can start on time.
  • Bring your Bible and manual to class.
  • Please bring any questions along, as we will address them.
  • If you HAVE TO miss a class, that is understood but it should not happen more than twice.  Please always let your instructor know if you have to miss. You will need to make up the time as your trainer deems appropriate.
  • Missing more than two classes, without prior communication/arrangements with your instructor, will leave your training incomplete and you will not be certified.

Required Readings

There are four books required for your training, they are to be purchased separately. These books are listed on the “Materials” tab of the training home page.

Life Groups

Life Groups are an important requirement of your training. These groups are designed to lead you through guided meditation and help you connect more deeply with God through your training materials as well as with one another in community prayer and reflection.

Life Groups are comprised of up to 12 instructors in training and a life group facilitator. The groups meet 45-60 minutes weekly throughout your training beginning the week after your training starts and meet at a specified day and time.

Homework & Accountability Hours

  • Each session includes 12 hours of live training
  • Journaling is for you and Jesus. You will not turn this in and there is no assigned format for it. There will be an online accountability question in regards to your journaling time each week, but you will not be required to actually share journal entries.
  • Attend the life group you registered for.  
  • We ask you are on your mat for 4 hours per week practicing. (These can be in-person or HYTV/web-based classes)
  • HYTV: If you do not currently have a subscription to HY TV, we would like to gift you with a free month to assist with your personal practice requirements. Click this link to take sign up for your free trial – Here you go. https://holyyoga.net/product/1-month-free-holy-yoga-tv-trial/. NOTE: This offer does not apply to existing HY TV subscriptions.
  • You are required to observe 5 classes and answer key questions on your observations. Your observation log is in the materials tab in Session 1. This will be turned in to your trainer at the end of your program.
  • Below is your accountability tracking log for your mat, meditation, and journal time. This will be turned in to your trainer at the end of your program.

If you encounter any difficulties or questions with the Training Center during your course, please reach out to your trainer.  Doing so will get you the quickest, most accurate answer or problem resolution, and it also helps us track and manage tech issues.

This is a spiritual endeavor…if you are feeling pushed upon today or this week, KNOW THAT IT IS NORMAL!! The Lord wants you so badly in this, that your adversary WILL make himself known, mostly in your thoughts. Be aware and come against him. If He is for us, who can stand against us? Just because you come upon a hard time in a faith-wielding act, it does not mean this is not your time or that the Lord did not provide this for you.

We are so excited for you and can’t wait to see what the Lord does in your life.