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The purpose of Holy Yoga Yin I & II is to provide instructors and practitioners with an in-depth understanding of a traditional Yin Yoga practice and how to adapt it to the needs of individuals with specific physical, mental and emotional goals. Holy Yoga Yin I & II explore the philosophies and perspectives of other cultures and belief systems that have influenced the development of Yin as it is known today, and help the practitioner develop a Christ-centered approach. As a contemplative spiritual discipline integrating the heart, mind, soul and body, Yin is ultimately approached as a practice that can greatly strengthen one’s relationship with God and promote holistic wellness.
Yin Yoga is a passive practice, with postures held for extended periods of time to strengthen the deep connective tissue throughout the body. The focus is less on flexibility than stability, as well as release, meditation and regulation of the flow of energy. As a result, consistent practice increases the integrity of the entire body when it returns to activity—whether functional or athletic. While the practice is not strenuous, it can be incredibly challenging as holding particular positions can grow increasingly uncomfortable. Rather than defaulting to our patterns of flight or fight, we practice staying at our edge and breathing through the difficult moments inviting grace, ease and ultimately transformation.

Holy Yoga Yin I: Becoming: An Introduction to Yin Yoga
This four week 20-hour training is for practitioners and instructors who want to include Yin in their practice and incorporate Yin postures into various yoga and fitness offerings. Topics include but are not limited to: the history of Yin, yin and yang, benefits, the postures, Yin pranayama, Yin as a spiritual discipline, and the psychology of change and transformation to enable students to embrace the holistic transformation God initiates through a Yin practice.

Holy Yoga Yin II: Surrender: The Complete Practice
This four week 20-hour training is for the committed practitioner and/or instructor who desires to offer the complete Yin experience, including options tailored to specific needs. Topics include meridian theory and organ health, prescriptive postures, yang counter poses, pain and pain management, special populations and sequencing.

***Holy Yoga Yin I is strongly recommended prior to taking Holy Yoga Yin II, but not required.

Yin 1 & 2 each meet for four 2-hour webinar sessions and include additional home study, reading assignments, at-home video instruction, and a teaching practicum. You do not need to be a previously certified yoga instructor to participate.


Payment plans available and 10% off when you pay in full.

Jonnie Goodmanson, C-HYI 500, E-RYT 200, YACEP

Jonnie Goodmanson, C-HYI 500, E-RYT 200, YACEP

Senior Trainer

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