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Holy Yoga Trauma-Sensitive Instructor Training

Trauma encompasses a variety of experiences that bring anxiety and stress into an individual’s life. Perhaps it was a parents’ divorce, a car accident, the loss of a job or financial security, abuse that you experienced as a child or adult, or maybe the death of a loved one. Each of these experiences can be identified as traumatic. Whether it fully develops into Post-Traumatic Stress or not, it is a memory that is recorded as being stressful and perhaps emotionally overwhelming at times. Researchers have discovered in the last 20 years that while trauma is an emotional experience, it is even more of a physiological experience. The body records trauma in a way that may make us feel stuck with the memory and sometimes may impact our current relationships and choices.

Trauma-Sensitive Holy Yoga Training is a 35-hour training. You do not need to be a certified yoga instructor to take this training. However, if you hope to be certified to teach Trauma-Sensitive Holy Yoga, you'll need to be a yoga instructor at the 200-hour level. This training is led by a trained mental health professional who has worked with various types of trauma for over ten years. This training provides education for understanding the effects that trauma has on the body and how the body can hold on to traumatic memories in very tangible ways. Students will explore yoga postures that help facilitate healing from traumatic memories to guide others through the journey of reconnecting to the body in a safe way. The Trauma-Sensitive Holy Yoga training equips you to walk others through physiological recovery from traumatic memories by applying different techniques to appropriately manage the symptoms of a trauma survivor. Students also study how Scripture addresses trauma and the ways in which God’s love and grace provide what is needed to safely explore the parts of the body that have felt stunted by traumatic experiences.

"This training is a 9-week home study program designed to teach awareness of the connection between trauma and yoga as well as helpful tools for teaching it. The training includes weekly webinar meetings, individual journaling, practice with the material presented, required reading, and community participation. If you hope to become certified to teach Trauma Sensitive Holy Yoga, it is designed to certify an existing yoga instructor (with at least a 200 hour certification) as a Trauma-Sensitive Holy Yoga Instructor. To gain this certification, you'll be required to complete a student teaching practicum..

The next training will be held in the fall of 2017.

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"Learning to become aware of both internal and external trauma triggers, as well as the different causes and manifestations of trauma has helped me to learn to process my own past as well as help others to heal from theirs. Heidi Vance taught the class in such a way that anyone could follow, process and understand very complicated material with ease." -Tina Harris