Instructor Spotlight: Bea’s Story

Divine Transformation

After suffering with chronic pain from years of going hard and strong, my physician suggested I try yoga to restore my body. I decided to give it a try and began connecting with the practice. One class in particular left me feeling like something wicked was afoot so I went home and searched for Christian yoga and found Holy Yoga. I instantly KNEW it was exactly where I was supposed to be and a week later signed up for 225 training. That was the fall of 2015. I wept during the first online session with Brooke, then much of the way through the second and third class session. I’ve lived the majority of my life very broken; the healing in the last 3 years has been a tangible force in my life much of the time. The revelation of the depth of that brokenness has been overwhelming but I can meet with my Lord on such a deeper level now – especially within those four corners of my mat. Him and I do a lot of business there! And it’s something that He is helping me to teach others. Because of all that’s been given to me through this ministry, I felt inspired by the Holy Spirit to donate to the Breathe Love Give Auction this November to see the work of the Holy Yoga Foundation continue to bring deeper intimacy and connection to Christ.