Masters vs. Therapy Training – Which One Do I Take First and Why?

Divine Transformation

Which one should I take first if I am interested in both? This is a great question, and one that many people ask, because while they are both a 300-hour training, they are very different. 

The Masters Program is heavily focused on deeper yogic study, teaching methodology (teaching to groups), Eastern philosophy, in depth anatomy and alignment concepts, deeper soul care concepts and how to teach all of these concepts in a yoga class, etc. This emphasis on philosophy opens you up to deeper meditation within your own practice and allows you to lead others the same way.

The Therapy Program focuses on working one-on-one with students to usalize yoga as a tool for healing in special populations and individuals with various injuries and projects in the body. For this reason, the Therapy program is extremely comprehensive and requires research projects, a heavy emphasis on anatomy and physiology, and focus on scope of practice for a yoga instructor using yoga as a tool for therapy.


If you are interested in both programs, 2020 is the time to jump on board!


The enrollment deadline for The Therapy Program is coming up soon. This is a 40 week program.

The Masters Program also is also right around the corner! These are two very complementary, yet diverse, programs. The information in both will satisfy the life-long learner and prepare you for any situation you may come by in a group or one-on-one setting.

Many people take advantage of the opportunity to conquer both programs within a two-year period. Don’t miss your chance to do the same!