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If you’re searching for the perfect gift this holiday season, look no further! A Holy Yoga gift card allows you to select your gift amount, which your recipient can use on any Holy Yoga training, Merchandise, Subscription, or other purchase!

What if You Could Spark a Divine Transformation in the Life of Your Loved One?

Holy Yoga embraces the essential elements of yoga: breath work, meditation and physical postures. In all of these elements, Christ is the focus of our intention and worship. Our programs and teachings place emphasis on the complete wellbeing of your body and soul. They are not to be performed, but to be lived. And our Christ-centered yoga philosophy doesn’t focus on what you have been, but on the person you are becoming in Christ. Our passion drives our mission by creating space for a life-changing transformation. Through Holy Yoga, you will learn and live a life’s journey of inspiration, fellowship and spirituality.

A gift card can be used to purchase any of our transformational programs, such as a Holy Yoga TV subscription, Instructor Training, or even some amazing Holy Yoga merchandise: