Holy Yoga Family Townhall

Divine Transformation
You’re Invited!

Whether you are currently in a training or it’s been years since we last connected, you are a beautiful and needed part of the Holy Yoga Collective! 

If you haven’t attended one before, the Family Townhall is meant to be a time for all of us to gather together in community, fellowship, prayer and encouragement… and hopefully a few good laughs as well.

Our whole team will be there and we are praying this will be a fresh breath of community for us all. We’ll let you know what we have been up to, share some special projects we are working on, and just enjoy being together!

• February 13 – 3pm CST
• April 29 – 1pm CST
• July 31 – 7pm CST
• October 24 – 11am CST

Join the Townhall!