Core Team

Christina Mroz, M-HYI - Director of Administration, Specialty & Continuing Education

Christina Mroz started practicing yoga due to lower back and hip pain over 9 years ago. Shortly after practicing yoga, she decided to become an instructor. Now as a Masters Instructor with Holy Yoga she is excited to bring her knowledge of working with specialty groups such as pre/post natal, kids, baby, and senior/chair yoga to the Holy Yoga Community. She is also a certified Pilates and senior exercise instructor. Her passion in life is to inspire people to live a life of health in mind, body, and soul through Christ Jesus. She loves how Holy Yoga has become a spiritual connection and act of worship for her and others. Teaching a Holy Yoga class is more than just moving people in and out of poses, it is about reaching people's heart and touching their lives. Christina not only uses yoga, Pilates and exercise to improve people's health, she also educates people on nutritional health and weight loss through USANA Health Sciences. For more information on Christina's ministry, events, newsletter, and USANA Health Sciences view her website.

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Jill Fisk, M-HYI - Director of Spiritual Development

Jill could not have dreamed herself into the Holy Yoga family.  For such a time as this, the fusion of her gifts prove that God’s purpose is in the details of her life’s work.  Jill grew up serving in the church and holds a degree in music education.  After teaching music for a few years, the desire to see others grow in love with Christ began, and she served several churches in worship ministries.  But in the midst of mothering small children, overextending herself in ministry, and struggling to hold a marriage together, God led her to yoga and spiritual direction.  There she discovered what her soul most longed for:  to be still and know the fullness of joy found in His presence alone.  In that space she relearned what it means to follow Jesus and live a life of prayer.  Through a series of God-incidences she was led to Holy Yoga instructor training in 2011. 

She is a trained spiritual director, companioning women of all ages and backgrounds. Her passion is to walk alongside women as they discover who they are in Christ and where Jesus might be leading them.  She has a particular affinity for women in ministry who would rather “do” for the kingdom than “be” with the King.  She is a member of Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association and facilitates local prayer and yoga retreats and workshops. 

Jill teaches Holy Yoga in St. Louis, Missouri and finds her heart’s home with hubby Todd and their three children, Mackenzie, Olivia, and Brayden


JoAnn Bauer, M-HYI - Director of Communication & Fundraising

Jo Ann credits Holy Yoga with transforming her life. A veteran television anchor and reporter, Jo Ann covered national and local events that often pulled at viewer's heart strings and strained her own. In need of a physical, emotional and spiritual re-awakening she walked away from television news and "stumbled" into a Holy Yoga class having no idea what it was. By the end of the week, she had committed to teacher training. "Holy Yoga has deepened my personal relationship with God to a level I can't explain, but freely experience" says Jo Ann who was certified as a Holy Yoga instructor in July, 2007. She loves being used by God to further His peace and thrives on the intricate connection of mind, body and spirit that Holy Yoga utilizes to enhance a personal relationship with Christ. In 2010 Jo Ann moved to Phoenix and is now the Holy Yoga Communications Director, having the privilege of sharing her passion with those interested in exploring the opportunity of serving Jesus through the Holy Yoga Ministry.



Jonnie Goodmanson, M-HYI - Director of Instructor Training & Anatomical Studies

Jonnie Goodmanson is a Certified Massage Therapist with over 1,000 hours of training and 11 years experience in the field of injury and sports massage. The majority of Jonnie's experience in anatomy came through teaching as a Full Time Instructor at the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. At the school, Jonnie taught 8 forms of bodywork, anatomy and physiology and pathology, this included 3 years experience teaching in a cadaver lab setting. Jonnie serves the Holy Yoga core team as the Director of Anatomical Studies and Lead Instructor Trainer of the 225/95 hour program. She teaches 2 classes per week in the Minneapolis area and is currently attending school earning a degree in church ministry.

 With a passion for finding God in our body, bringing health to the body by drawing closer to His son Jesus, and helping other to do the same, Jonnie has found a home in the family centered community of Holy Yoga.

Katie Pearson, M-HYI - Director of Leadership Development

When God brought Holy Yoga into Katie’s life in June 2011, she knew God was both answering her life-long prayer to work in ministry as well as desiring to use the gifts and skills she had developed through her career in yoga and fitness. Katie is a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor through ACE, as well as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) through Yoga Alliance, and Master Holy Yoga Instructor (M-HYI) through Holy Yoga. She has owned her own yoga studio, been featured in numerous yoga DVDs, and written nationally-recognized programs and publications. Katie worked as a Master Trainer for YogaFit for 10 years before joining Holy Yoga, where she serves on the Core Team in equipping new Holy Yoga Teacher Trainers and working with the 95-Hour Immersion Program trainees.

In the last year and a half Katie’s life and work have been transformed by her experience at Holy Yoga, where she has renewed and redefined her relationship with the Triune God and His Word. She feels deeply indebted to her family and friends for their support of her passion for yoga and ministry, and to God for His grace in equipping her daily to walk in the light. Out of this grace she desires to help others experience Christ’s love and healing power for themselves through the ancient and essential practices of combining God’s Word with both movement and stillness.


Megan Burns, M-HYI - Director of Events

My passion for yoga started in college and right away I knew that I wanted to become an instructor. I started my quest for a certification program and nothing seemed to be the right fit, until I found Holy Yoga. Holy Yoga is the perfect combination of my love of fitness and my love of the Lord. Having the opportunity to worship God with all that I am: heart, soul, mind and strength has truly been life changing. 

Serving as the Director of Events is such an honor. It allows me to use the talents that the Lord has instilled in me for His glory. I feel beyond blessed that I get to serve at retreats and workshops, helping to train new instructors and watch this community of Holy Yoga grow. Seeing people experience Christ in an entirely new way is the ultimate gift.

I live in Minnesota with my wonderful husband, Tom, and our three beautiful children, Micah, Noah and Stella.  I continually stand in awe of how God is shaping and moving in my life.  I am blessed.


Rachel Glowacki, M-HYI - Director of Kids' Holy Yoga

Rachel Glowacki has been serving and teaching Holy Yoga since 2008. She was exposed to yoga in 1993 as a way to heal from an eating disorder and truly embraced the practice in 2001. Rachel's deep devotion (Bhakti), appreciation of yogic philosophy (Sutras) and anatomy of the spirit (Chakras) set her path in motion to share with others that Jesus is our Master teacher.

Rachel believes our physical bodies teach us about our emotions, our inner flexibility, strength, and endurance.  She believes the time-honored tradition of yoga can help develop the character of God in our lives by fostering patience, balance, humility, and self-control, benefitting our inner selves and our relationships with God and others.

With over ten years of experience working with children, Kid Yoga was a natural fit for Rachel.  She is honored to be the Kid Holy Yoga Director and teaches kids’ yoga at her children's school.  She currently is authoring a series of children’s yoga books that bring Bible stories alive through yoga postures. She is the creator/writer of Kids’ Yoga Journey and has written the first kid yoga app for the iPad on the iTunes Store: “I am Love: Kids’ Yoga Journey.”  She graduated from Charleston Southern University, where she studied youth ministry.

Rachel is happy creating a home in sweet Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband, Casey, and is raising two spirit-filled boys, Liam and Grey.


Sara Kosobud, Director of Finance

Sara was born and raised in Fargo, ND, and now lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband John, and their two children, Carson and Kate.  Sara's extensive backround in finance and accounting has been a great asset to our Holy Yoga family.  "Working in the corporate world was what I thought I was meant to do.  It brought home the money.  But something was always missing.  It was Jesus.  Amazingly Brooke Boon walked into my life and so did Holy Yoga.  I cried after leaving my first Holy Yoga class; it was that moving.  I went home with a sense of peace and a strong desire to be a better wife and mother.  I couldn't believe this 'yoga' class could have that much impact.  Being a part of Holy Yoga has brought Christ deeper into my life.  I find it very rewarding and endlessly fascinating to be a part of helping bring people closer to a more Christ driven life. I feel so truly blessed to be able to take my gifts in finance and accounting and bring them to Holy Yoga in order to assist in the growth of this life changing ministry."  

Sara joined the Holy Yoga family in 2009 and serves as the director of finance and merchandising and sits on the Board for the Holy Yoga Foundation.