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Pre/Postnatal Holy Yoga Instructor Training

Prenatal Holy Yoga provides a unique opportunity for pregnant women to celebrate and bond with the amazing gift of life in their unborn baby by inviting God into their mother/child relationship through physical worship. It also helps to prepare the body, mind and spirit for the elements of birth and delivery. Postnatal Holy Yoga is beneficial for while the body is in process of recovering from birth and helps mothers ease back into their yoga practices.

The Holy Yoga for Pregnancy/Postpartum is a 20-hour training program, and graduates obtain accreditation as a Registered Pre/Postnatal Holy Yoga Instructor. This training occurs as a 4-week home study program, which includes weekly webinar meetings, instructional videos, individual journaling and practice with the material presented, required reading, community participation and a student teaching practicum. (Your training materials will include the Pre-Natal Holy Yoga & Back Care DVD).

I loved all the material we went through. I loved how it gave me more light on my own pregnancies, and that there are more people "out there" thinking like me. Now I have this down in a very concrete way and I can teach other women about the blessings of their bodies! Also the connection between body and emotions in the psoas section was very exiting!

In this training, we will explore techniques to prepare and optimize a mother's body for labor/delivery/birth, empowerment of women in birth experiences, fears of labor and delivery, common postural issues for pregnant women, and the concern of diastasis recti post-partum. This is not a program that takes yoga and modifies it to a pregnant body; it is a course that scientifically looks at what the body needs during pregnancy and labor and teaches how to use yoga to provide the body with what it needs.

Pre/Postnatal Holy Yoga is great to offer to individuals or groups of pregnant moms, at birth centers, and for midwives to show how yoga can assist labor. This training is open to all adults who are interested in working with pregnant women. You do NOT need to be a previously certified yoga instructor to take this training.

The next training will be held January 17th - February 7th on Tuesdays from Noon - 2pm Central Time.

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I am thankful for this training for myself and others. I feel like it really empowers moms and gives them confidence for their pregnancies, labor, and delivery, focusing on how amazing God made our bodies.