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Holy Yoga with Weights combines a traditional Holy Yoga class with cardiovascular and weight training for total body conditioning. This 15-hour training is for anyone – students who love the practice of yoga and want to add weights to their practice, as well as existing yoga instructors who want to teach classes with weights or work with athletes in the area of performance training.

Holy Yoga with Weights is a two-week home study program. Students will learn about proper muscle engagement, the vitality of the breath, and how to teach specific exercises with weights while keeping class safe, fun, and challenging. We also address precautions and working with special populations.

Teaching Holy Yoga with weights is SO FUN!!!! I’m so grateful for the development of this training!!! I have found new freedom in my movement through this class and so much JOY!!!

Caitlin Lore, R-HYI

Christina Mroz

Christina Mroz


Jonnie Goodmanson

Jonnie Goodmanson

Course Instructor

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