Holy Yoga Changing Lives and Developing Servant Leaders

Divine Transformation

Holy Yoga Instructor Lori Mynczywor recently completed the Holy Yoga Leadership Development Training. Read her story about how God is transforming her heart to own her calling as a follower of Christ committed to Servant Leadership. . .

Why did you sign up for Leadership Development?

I signed up for this training hesitantly. I went back and forth for weeks – Leadership, Trauma, both, Masters, nothing right now – and consistently felt called back to Leadership Development. The “why” I still have no solid answers for. In last week’s call Amy, my small group leader, mentioned that her first time through she didn’t have a “why” answer either; that was so affirming for me because I often feel like if I can’t answer the why then I probably shouldn’t move forward. Yet, I truly feel that I’m where God wants me to be.

What is one of Your Greatest Fears in Leadership?

One teaching that hit particularly hard is the temptation to be relevant. I feel this in my yoga classes – that I need to be the best performer in the room, and if I’m not then I shouldn’t be the teacher. I struggle so much with being ‘enough’. This totally ties into feelings of inadequacy. The story of this is so big, encompassing my entire life. I’ve been overweight literally my whole life. I’ve been told – directly told with no minced words – by my parents that I’d be so much better if I’d just weigh less. (It’s interesting to be big and not feel enough). This fear of not being enough creates in me a constant fear of rejection. Having a feelings of inadequacy can make one feel like they shouldn’t lead. Who wants an inadequate leader?

How Has God Transformed You?

Here’s the beauty in all of this.  I’ve done the Plus size training and grew (ha!) so much through it. I have gals that come to my yoga classes because they feel comfortable with me. They are willing to be true to themselves because of who I am and how I lead. I speak of props and modifications the same way for them as I do everyone else (bring the floor closer, make your arms longer) and not in the framework of how big they are, because um…hello! they already know they’re big.

I’ve also done Chair training. I took it because it was offered with Adaptive – it just seemed like a great bonus. Honestly, my Chair class is now my favorite! These women are amazing! I have a gal that has never missed a week – and she’s 88! So awesome. These women teach me so much. I love them. Our prayer time is so honest, so heartfelt.

In my prayers, in my yoga intentions, my question is “what kind of leader am I being led to be?” What I feel God saying is ‘cheer’. My role is cheer-leader – encourager, supporter. I feel called to be a Barnabus. I feel called to those that are on the fringe, and I think that ties into being a cheerleader. Don’t we all want someone in our corner cheering us on? That’s my role. What I’ve found is the more I learn to let go and just allow God to have all of me, the greater peace I feel. I am riding this river of life and learning to enjoy the view.

Where is God leading me…I honestly don’t know. And I’m okay with that!

Thank you for sharing Lori!