3 Ways Yoga Can Support The Reproductive System

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The reproductive system sits within the pelvis. Because of this, it’s often assumed that we should only consider the function of the pelvis area when addressing reproductive health issues. A more thorough approach, however, would include exploring areas of the body other than the pelvis alone.

In Thomas Myers’ work, he spends a great deal of time explaining how the body is interconnected. He emphasizes that you cannot simply compartmentalize only one section of the body. Instead, you need to look at the totality of the body for optimal health.

Below are three ways to address reproductive health through yoga that are not directly focused on the pelvic area:

1 – Foot Alignment (Mountain pose)

When standing, make sure that your feet are facing straight forward and your heels are directly behind your toes. (This may seem simple, but many people tend to turn their heels out just slightly).             

2 – Leg Alignment (Warrior 3 pose or Mountain pose)


When practicing balancing poses like Warrior 3 or Mountain make sure that you are standing with your legs vertical. The center of your pelvis should be over your knee and your ankle as opposed to your pelvis being pushed forward. Standing with your pelvis forward places most of the work on your quadriceps rather than your glutes

Try it! Go into Warrior 3 leaning forward slightly, then try it with a straight leg that is vertical. Do you feel your glutes fire up with a vertical leg?

3- Ribs (arms over-head & chest openers)

When you extend your arms over-head, make sure your lower ribs stay down. People often allow the lower ribs to move forward, thus putting a kink, if you will, in their upper back. This can cause back pain over time. Additionally, keeping your ribs down will ensure that your stomach muscles remain engaged and working towards a stronger core. 

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