Everything is Ministry

Divine Transformation

I entered into the fitness industry because I love having freedom in Christ, I love integration of heart, mind, soul and strength, and because I love the heart God has for His children. Fitness gave me an opportunity to enter into safe, trusting relationships where conversations about Jesus lost religious context. I then had a front row, influential seat to what God wanted to do in someone else’s life. I am humbled and honored to have that.

I also gained the opportunity to attend a lot of trainings, including yoga. As a believer in Christ, I was having the all too familiar struggle of ‘should Christians do yoga?’ I understood the value of movement, brain and nervous system connections, dealing with trauma and stress, etc. So, with great dependence on the Lord, I decided to offer a fusion class combining modalities including yoga. From all external standards, this was a successful class. But I always felt like it fell short of fulfillment and that I was trying to reinvent the wheel. 

Then, a very random offer came for me to produce a YouTube video of my class. With curiosity, I researched all the names that I could think of to make my video stand out in the sea of yoga videos. The perfect name to set my video apart for Jesus came to mind – Holy! Holy means to be set apart, so Holy Yoga sounded great. And just like that, my feeds blew up!

I later discovered that someone had already invented this wheel, (thank you Jesus and Brooke Boon)! For three hours, I combed through every good, bad and indifferent article and piece of media out there for Holy Yoga. The Holy Spirit kept confirming in me that this was what I was to do next. That was a Friday and by Tuesday, I was in my first Holy Yoga teacher training class.

That experience has now taken me into almost four years of consistent desire for the Lord to show me where He is breathing in this ministry so that I can catch His breath, and then catch mine. The Holy Yoga ministry is a culture of honor and invites the Lord to move His children closer and closer to the table as to feast with Him. This drawing closer has actualized the writing of my Holy Yoga Masters project that will soon be released as a devotional book. Thank you, Jesus! I’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to volunteer with the Holy Yoga Foundation® and am now serving as a Regional Shepherd supporting the incredible mission of the Foundation, as well as so much more.

The heart of the Lord is beautiful, and to partner with those who exemplify it is an abundant blessing indeed. Once again, I find myself with such passion for freedom in Christ, integration of heart, mind, soul and strength, and the privilege to walk alongside fellow journeyers as we seek the Lord. As the Lord promises, we find Him.