A Sneak Peek into Chakras and Deeper Yogic Studies

Divine Transformation

What is “spiritual energy?” As a yoga practitioner, it can be beneficial to go deeper in understanding energy concepts, yet there can be a frustration of not having the in-depth knowledge of history, function and practical use of the information. 

That’s exactly what we will be covering in the upcoming Deeper Yogic Studies training as we study the Chakra philosophy and how spiritual energy works in the body! As we take a deeper look at these topics, we’ll be able to see our own spiritual energy centers and break down what each area correlates to in our bodies.

Here’s a sneak peek into the training!

The heart Chakra is an important area we will focus on in this training. It integrates the lower Chakras mass-related energy with top Chakras consciousness. We will learn that as we integrate our lower with our upper, we begin to experience harmony in our energy systems. Our lower three are related to our identity, first with God and ourselves, and then with others. 

If this relational understanding was not present in our youth (whose was?), we’ve likely taken some illusions with us into our relationships with others. We’ve seen it in lack of boundaries with ourselves and with others.

We see this in our relationship with God as well. If we do not understand whose we are, we will struggle to know who we are – our true identity. This will greatly affect how we interact with others and how we see their role in our lives! 

As energy moves up our spine and we express ourselves, it will affect our expression of personal power, and so on. Scripture says that the overflow of the heart is what the mouth speaks. We see this in energy that is unsettled in the lower three Chakras and not integrated by the heart. The mouth speaks out and we hear things that are not aligned with truth.

The Chakra philosophy offers a functional and pragmatic approach to uprooting these misconceptions about who we are, with the understanding that Christ is the source of this truth. Though one may not fully adopt the philosophy, it is a helpful organization of how energy works and how we can learn to live integrated lives with Christ at the center.

We hope you will consider joining us in this transformational training starting soon! Learn more here!