Seeking Holy Ground

Divine Transformation

Ever had that feeling after you spend time with God that you feel so renewed from being in His presence that every step you take truly feels like you’re walking on holy ground?

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve felt it too. I mean, I think I remember that feeling…but it’s been a hot minute.

You know what’s great about the ground that you’re standing on? It’s actually meant FOR you. The place you find yourself in this very moment is meant FOR you. For your growth. For your breaking. For your relearning. For your re-commitment. For your revival.

What’s more is that YOU are what’s being made holy — on the exact ground in which you are standing. That means that whatever emotional, relational, spiritual, mental and physical grounds you find yourself in, they are holy because you are being made holy in His sight.

So what is the place where you are standing really is holy ground?

That would mean that you really are who He says you are, and you really can do all that He says you can do. It would mean claiming the land you’re in. It would mean that because of His love in and FOR and through you, that He really is working it all out in your favor.

It would mean that you could sit down and rest a while. That you could find a little room to breathe, knowing you’re working FROM victory, not FOR it.

It would mean that God really does have your family and your finances and your grief and your fear and your desperate need for control.

It would mean letting God be God in the land of your living today.

I don’t claim to have it all together…quite the opposite, actually. But if you want to walk alongside someone who is just walking toward Home, I’d love to journey with you a bit.

Join me as we commit to the Power of Presence for 66 days in pursuit and preparation for the new patterns God has for us.

Space is limited and the last session sold out, so head here to get registered today!

See you soon!