Holy Yoga and the Enneagram

Divine Transformation

I am an Enneagram Coach. Well, let me clarify: I like to believe I am. The truth is, I am just so intrigued by the Enneagram. I have read countless books and blogs, and have listened to hours of podcasts… I am pretty sure that counts as something, right? Please tell me I am not the only one that secretly tries to figure out what number someone is when I first meet them? As an Enneagram 2, blame it on my need to be helpful. 

If you are not familiar with the Enneagram, it is a personality test created in 1915.  It breaks down different human behaviors into patterns and places the patterns into different numbers (1-9).  There are plenty of Enneagram tests online that will help you determine your number. I can honestly say that since I started studying the Enneagram, my love and understanding of myself and those around me has deepend immensely. 

As a Holy Yoga instructor, I have found that my passion for yoga and the Enneagram has allowed me to weave the two beautiful tools together to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. It has taught me to come to Him with the deep longings of my heart, and my prayer is that it has and will continue to do the same for you. 

Here are some posture recommendations for each Enneagram type:

Enneagram 1- “The Perfectionist” 

Enneagram 1s are such a gift to the world. Offering order, systems and attention to details, we would be lost without them. 1s like rules and as yogis, like to know they are doing postures “correctly”. Cue CORPSE Pose.  

There is no real “right” way to do Corpse Pose (and all the Enneagram 1s gasp!) Letting go of all striving to make sure everything is done perfectly, Corpse Pose offers our Enneagram 1s the ability to just BE on their mat, in front of the Lord. 

Mantra = Lord, I am enough in You.

Enneagram 2- “The Helper” 

Enneagram 2s rest in the Heart Triad.  They are natural givers and “yes” tends to be their favorite word.  While they are quite in tune with how those around them are feeling, they find it difficult to tap into their own feelings because they get caught up in helping everyone else. Our 2s benefit from Easy Seated Pose (with one hand on heart and one on belly).

Feeling their own heartbeat. Feeling their own breath.  And tuning in to what they themselves are feeling.

Enneagram Mantra = Lord, I am loved just as I am. 

Enneagram 3- “The Achiever”

I am married to an Enneagram 3. His determination and ability to get things done is unmatched. I get a front row seat in how his brain works and the struggle he faces to just BE. In unhealth, Enneagram 3s are in a constant state of striving. In order to give up control and the constant need for “doing more”, we recommend Child’s Pose  (palms up is preferred). 

In nature, Child’s Pose is a stress reliever and can help fight insomnia (a common issue of Enneagram 3s).

Mantra = Lord, let all my striving cease. 

Enneagram 4- “The Individualist”

Enneagram 4s are highly sensitive and pride themselves on being unique. Often artists, they offer the world beauty unlike any other Enneagram.  Their biggest fear is that they don’t matter and that they won’t make a significant impact. For this reason, we find that 4s gravitate towards unique yoga postures. Cat Cow (with Reverse Hands) is recommended. 

They can flow at their own pace, rotating hips and wagging their tail. We know you don’t like being put in a box so, do your thing, 4s!

Mantra = Lord, thank you for the gifts You’ve given me.

Enneagram 5- “The Observer”

Enneagram 5s are critical thinkers and are able to observe situations, without adding in their own personal emotions. In health, Enneagram 5s are self-confident, logical and assertive. In stress, 5s tend to withdraw within and isolate. As a heart opener, Seal Pose helps our Enneagram 5s to open up to the world around them, rather than just observing it. 

Mantra = Lord, help me to show who I am to others!

Enneagram 6- “The Loyalist”

If you are an Enneagram 6 or are blessed enough to be close to one, you know they are as loyal as they come. Faithful and cautious.  When stressed, they lean towards a fearful spirit.  To help with their desire for security, we recommend Warrior 1. 

As one of the foundational yoga poses, Warrior 1 helps with focus and stability. Keeping eyes forward and stretching arms up towards the Lord, feel your confidence growing in Him! 

Mantra = Lord, help me remember I am safe!

Enneagram 7- “The Enthusiast”

Enneagram 7s are known for being playful, spontaneous and always ready to try new things.  Experiencing pain is a core fear that they face. Often restless with the mundane, we recommend Wild Thing. 

As a backbend, Wild Thing is a natural heart opener, something that is helpful with allowing 7s to tap into their feelings. Plus, Wild Thing is FUN, like all our favorite 7s. 

Mantra = Lord, help me be content.

Enneagram 8-  “The Challenger”

Enneagram 8s are motivated by their desire to be independent and self-reliant. 8s find themselves protective of those they love.  While being in control of their surroundings is generally where 8s find safety, we recommend Humble Warrior.

Generally seen as very strong, Enneagram 8s bowing down in Warrior can offer the Lord their full trust, humility and vulnerability. 

Mantra = Lord, remind me that You are in control. 

Enneagram 9- “The Peacemaker”

When their environment is harmonious, 9s feel most comfortable. Enneagram 9s offer us a sense of calm, are accepting and have the ability to see things from all perspectives. Because their own feelings are often suppressed to maintain peace, they can bend and blend to meet the needs and wants of those around them. Rocking the boat and speaking up for their own desires can be a challenge and because of this, anger is the negative emotion many 9s experience. We recommend Camel Pose, as it is shown to help release any suppressed anger. 

While our minds often follow our bodies, offering your heart up to the Lord in the back bend, reminds our bodies that we can safely surrender to our Maker. 

Mantra = Lord, help me be honest. 

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Book Recommendations- 

The Enneagram: The Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr

The Road Back To You by Suzanne Stabile

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The Journey Towards Wholeness by Suzanne Stabile