David’s Story

Divine Transformation

Namaste. In 2019 I was introduced to Holy Yoga through a missionary friend – Robin Moore of FAB Missions NGO. She had traveled from the US to Africa and specifically to our country Uganda, East Africa. She gave me the gift of the book Holy Yoga by Brooke Boon. I was drawn to the book straight away, despite the criticism I received from friends who judged the book by its cover without reading the contents. They said yoga would expose me to Hindu spiritualism and idolatry worship, etc. My attention was caught, however, by the book’s introductory chapter, and I realized yoga is just a physical and spiritual discipline that strengthens both the soul and body.

All the myths and misconceptions went even further away when I read the Holy Yoga faith statement on the website and watched their videos on Youtube. I realized how important this Holy Yoga is as a tool to not only take care of our bodies but as well our faith. Slowly, and through the guidance of my friend Robin Moore (a Holy Yoga instructor), I began my journey with Holy Yoga using the book and some virtual meetings to learn some postures, practice some flows, etc.

This journey has been of great importance to my life. I am learning patience, humbling myself, taking time to listen to God, and taking time to meditate on His Word for deeper understanding and worship. Things changed ever since I learned that the focus is all about Jesus Christ. I have been able to start sharing what I have learned with some colleagues at a local gym and the community.

I have struggled to find ways of funding my training at Holy Yoga, as it was too expensive for me. A 200-hour online training, for example, has training fees equivalent to studying a 3-year Bachelor’s degree course in our country at any university, a fee that many cannot afford. I am, however, very grateful for the opportunity that has been presented to sponsor my January 2023 200-hour Holy Yoga online training. It’s been a dream come true, as I shall be provided with all the tools and equipment needed for this class. This opening door and opportunity shall equip me well and prepare me for the sessions I do to share this great discovery. God bless you all, the Holy Yoga team, partners, and community. The training shall equip me for ministry; just as iron sharpens iron, I shall be in the right position to share with others. I have a vision of starting and constructing a training center in Uganda for Holy Yoga. It would be the first of its kind in my country, as the few studios we have mainly offer non-Christian yoga, targeting other beliefs and not the gospel like Holy Yoga.

I believe I exist to serve by empowering others through teaching for the Glory of God, and through this, many shall be taught and discipled through this center I vision to build. Those who are traumatized and broken-hearted shall now have a place for comfort and empowerment. Those that seek further time with God and personal relationship shall have a place to rest and position themselves before the Lord. People shall grow fully inside and out, body, soul, and mind – addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual goals.

I love Colossian 1:28, “Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” I believe Holy Yoga is another way of sharing Christ in wisdom, and a rather entertaining and fun way, as well as another way we can fully use all our bodies to worship the Father.

God bless us all, shalom

David Kalyango

Kampala, Uganda

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