The Ministry of Leaving

Divine Transformation

There is nothing more Jesus does in his ministry than leave. Think about it…. With all of His actions and commands to come, go, and follow we forget that  ALL of that REQUIRES LEAVING. 

I don’t know about you, but leaving is hard for me. Mostly because I wasn’t ever really taught how to do it.  Leaving always meant loss and defeat and sadness. I mistakingly equated leaving with failure and abandonment instead of necessary. 

See, I let the experience of necessary transitions in my life to define my experience as something other than completely normal. I made them mean something that they didn’t. 

Things like “I failed. I’m not capable, I’m not love able, I screwed up. I deserve it, I’m not approved of.”

The problem is NONE of that is true and ALL of that conditions me to believe something other than what Jesus says… about me and about you and about the human experience. 

So I decided to write a four week study I’m teaching for Holy Yoga Collective study titled “The Ministry of Leaving.” 

I want to Invite you to join me in looking at what it means to be a human who knows how to come, go and follow in freedom.  A human who embraces their experiences of leaving as appropriate and inevitable and wait for it…BENEFICIAL. 

I wrote this post a while ago and it was the genesis of this study. If you too are having a normal human experience of resisting the let go, join me. See you there, brave ones. 

Join our founder, Brooke Boon, this Spring for The Ministry of Leaving Study, to discover if perhaps your hanging is up for exchanging.