10 Must-Ask Questions When Shopping Around for a Yoga Certification

Divine Transformation

When I started thinking about taking a 200 Hour Yoga Certification, I just wasn’t sure where to begin. Have you ever received a God nudge? His unmistakable hints to pursue Him through something you already enjoy validate His goodness and love for you! 

When I learned from a friend about Christian yoga, I knew right then that was the path God was taking me down. Like many of you, I used trusty Google to help me do some research about Christian yoga training. So many questions were running through my head, and I wasn’t even sure how to ask them. I set up some Q&A sessions to speak with enrollment specialists to ask questions that would help me choose an organization that felt like I would get the best “bang for my buck,” had an established community, and would help me apply what I learned in training to help others find a deeper connection with Christ, after training too. 

Here are some questions I asked when shopping around for yoga training that helped me to make the best decision: 

1. How long has your organization been around? 

2. What is the Yoga Alliance & is your training Yoga Alliance Approved? 

3. Are the trainings live with an instructor so I can ask questions in real time? 

4. How is the training structured and paid for? Is it modules with separate payments for each, or is it one training?

5. Do your teacher trainers have pastoral training? 

6. Are the teacher trainers readily available for questions, comments, and fellowship? 

7. What comes with the training? 

8. How will I be supported as a yoga teacher after I receive the certification? 

9. Are all training videos recorded and downloadable so I can store them for future use? 

10. Do you offer payment plans and/or a discount if I pay in full? Do you have any current promotions? Do you have a military discount? 

I chose Holy Yoga because they are industry pioneers. They provide incredible value, community, and teacher support post-training. Walking in faith with the Holy Yoga community is life-changing. Join hands with a community that is cheering for Christ to fill your mind, body, and soul with His presence on your yoga mat! 

Are you currently pursuing Christian yoga and/or looking to learn more about Holy Yoga training? Click here to learn more about Holy Yoga.