Yin Yoga: The Practice Your Tight *Everything* Needs

Divine Transformation
06 Mar 2023 Yin Yoga: The Practice Your Tight *Everything* Needs

When you hear the word “yin” you might automatically think of its counterpart, yang. These two words represent complementary aspects of the opposing sides of a circle. But in the beautiful world of yoga, you will often find these two polarities living together in the same studio.  There are a few fundamental differences between yin […]

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21 Dec 2020 3 Ways to Embrace the True Meaning of Christmas

It was Christmas morning 2 years ago, and three little boys ran downstairs with all the excitement that kids should have on Christmas day. They ripped open packages and slung presents around, eagerly ready to move to the next item. The younger two boys seemed quite content with their loot for the day. But our […]

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