Holy Yoga and the Enneagram

Divine Transformation
24 Oct 2022 Holy Yoga and the Enneagram

I am an Enneagram Coach. Well, let me clarify: I like to believe I am. The truth is, I am just so intrigued by the Enneagram. I have read countless books and blogs, and have listened to hours of podcasts… I am pretty sure that counts as something, right? Please tell me I am not […]

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10 Oct 2022 Holy Yoga: Changing My Relationship with Exercise

I am not sure when it happened…when I first started believing the lie that my body was not good…that it was just too much…that is was flawed. I am not sure when I shifted from the young girl who would run around carefree in her bathing suit, to the one running for her towel directly […]

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