Jelly Bean Lent Activity

Divine Transformation

The “Jelly Bean Prayer” is an amazing way to teach children about the meaning of Lent through sacrifices, doing a good deed, acts of kindness, respect, and forgiveness.

Starting on Ash Wednesday, observe and reward your child(ren) with a jellybean that reflects the appropriate color each time they do something that connects with that action or attitude. Celebrate Easter Sunday and allow them to receive their jellybean treasures.

Here are some additional ideas to help you with your jellybean count:

What are some sacrifices you can make?

What are some good deeds and kind acts you can do?

What are some ways to show respect before bedtime prayers?

How do you say sorry when you done something wrong?

Children can be encouraged to pray during Lent. One simple prayer that we are adding to our morning routine this year is called, “My Morning Offering.”

God, our Father, I offer you today

all I think and do and say.

I offer it with what was done on

earth by Jesus Christ, your son.