Spring Study: The Ministry of Leaving

Divine Transformation

Sometimes we hang on too long. To friends. To jobs. To relationships. To routines. To clothes we outgrew 10 years ago.

Hanging on is both the easiest and the hardest thing to do….at the same exact time. Easy because it’s natural as a humans to exert ourselves entirely in order to avoid pain. Inevitably we cling to whatever life is left in a thing and this is where it gets hard. We exert all our power – emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically – looking for the right place to grip and then hang on for dear life. To a friendship. To a job. To a relationship. To a routine. To the body we once had.

The problem with hanging is there is no footing. There is no stability. No peace. No protection. Just a trauma-informed-gripping in sheer terror to a thing that is not meant for us.

All your hanging ons make you HUMAN. Not broken, not flawed, human. It makes you in need of Love and healing and peace. It also means you’re wired for life and desire to have more of it. 

We have good news, friend.  The One who goes before you and follows close behind you is near. The One who knows your need is near. The One who was there when you developed these fears and these ‘hanging ons’ is near. The One who can resurrect is near. The One who can make sense of the senseless is not just near, but HERE. 

Here.  In the hanging ons.

We invite you to join us for The Ministry of Leaving study to discover if perhaps your hanging is up for exchanging.

Wednesdays, 1pm – 2:30pm CST via Zoom

  • 4 Session Study from March 15 – April 4, 2023.
  • Led by Holy Yoga Founder, Brooke Boon.
  • Enjoy a downloadable Study Guide.
  • Listen to pre-recorded meditations and a special Spotify playlist to enhance your experience.
  • Study qualifies for 6 hours of Holy Yoga Bible study continuing education credits.
  • Access to all materials and recordings for 30 days after the study ends.
  • All calls are recorded for on-demand viewing
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