Fall Study: Enneagram Subtypes & the Bible

Divine Transformation

Genesis 3 tells us that the first negative emotion felt by Adam and Eve after the fall was that of shame, and it’s an emotion that the enemy still uses as he strives to keep us in the depths of sin. Shame coats our lives with emotional weight, feeds on our insecurities, and keeps us separated from others, our true selves, and, ultimately, from the Lord.

At Holy Yoga, we believe it’s time to break free from this cycle and step boldly into our identities as children of God in order to fully experience true freedom in Christ.

We understand the challenges that shame brings and the desire to break free from its grasp. Together, we will create a safe and supportive space to explore how shame impacts our lives and how we can overcome it with God’s guidance.

Through the lens of the Enneagram, a powerful tool for self-discovery, we will uncover your unique enneagram subtype and discover its profound connection to personal growth and spiritual wholeness.

Within the Enneagram subtypes lies the key to unlocking our instinctual responses to shame and understanding how they shape our lives. This framework reveals how each Enneagram type’s motivation manifests through three instinctual goals shared by all of humanity. Over the course of four weeks, we’ll examine these subtypes, delve into the physiology and repercussions of shame, and uncover God’s divine response to liberate us from its grip.

Join us on this empowering journey of self-discovery and divine transformation as we learn to rewrite the story of shame and embrace a life of authentic connection and purpose.

Wednesdays, 12 pm – 1:30 pm CST via Zoom

  • 4 Session Study from November 1 – November 22, 2023
  • Led by Holy Yoga Program Manager, Mia Neuenhoff
  • Enjoy a downloadable Study Guide
  • Listen to pre-recorded meditations, flows and a special Spotify playlist to enhance your study
  • Qualifies for 6 hours of Holy Yoga Bible study continuing education credits
  • Access to all materials and replay recordings for 30 days after the study ends
  • All calls are recorded for on-demand viewing

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