Spring Study: God the Healer

Divine Transformation

At Holy Yoga we don’t believe we need “fixing”. Fixing implies that something or someone is broken. While we don’t need fixing, we do need healing. Healing is the most beautiful part of being human. It acknowledges our limitations while welcoming something Greater.

Here’s the good news for today, the God of the universe who was, and is, and always will be is alive and active just as He always has been. He is not absent from us.

In scripture, the word heal, in its various forms, is expressed a total of 142 times. Sometimes in the Old Testament and sometimes in the New, which tells us it’s essential to our humanness. The Word talks about the intention to heal, the act of healing, and what it means to be healed multiple times – all as they relate to us; the hurting who are in need of healing.

Conversely, the Word only has one reference to HEALER. To the One name that heals. The One who sees and hears and knows. The One who can bind up the brokenhearted and make something out of seemingly nothing.

We believe the gospel is made complete in Christ’s resurrection and that resurrection happens in every day and in every way – even when we can’t see it. Every day of creation is hosts the next day of healing as God has already claimed you, redeemed you, and made you whole.

Unlock personal growth and deepen your spiritual journey by attending our Spring Study: God the Healer this March. 

Join us as we explore the timeless teachings of the Bible and empower you in your personal development journey by discovering how Christ went all the way for us, reconnecting what was in need of healing, and seeking out that which was lost.

It’s a pay-it-forward price of your choosing so everyone has access to transformative resources.

Together, let’s discover the power of community to create a more compassionate and restored future.

Wednesdays, 12pm – 1:30pm CST via Zoom

  • 3 Session Study from March 13 – 27th, 2024
  • Led by Holy Yoga founder Brooke Boon
  • Enjoy a downloadable study guide
  • Flow with us each week with a pre-recorded yoga class to enhance your experience
  • Study qualifies for 6 hours of Holy Yoga Bible study continuing education credits
  • Access to all materials and recordings for 30 days after the study ends
  • All calls are recorded for on-demand viewing if you can’t make the call live
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