For Bridge:

  • Lying on back, place feet flat on mat 3-5 inches from bottom. Feet hip-width apart.
  • Slide shoulders away from ears; reach fingers toward heels.
  • Inhale: Lift hips off mat without squeezing glutes.
  • Optional: Interlace fingers beneath your back roll to outer shoulders; broaden chest and lift hips for greater extension. Press back of your skull against mat and lift chin to protect neck.
  • Release hands and bring spine to mat. Draw knees to chest for counter pose.

For Wheel:

  • From same starting position on back, flip the hands pressing palms flat to the mat alongside the ears, fingertips toward your shoulders.
  • Draw elbows toward another and pressing through hands and heels, lift hips toward sky.
  • Place crown of head gently on mat, but placing any pressure on head or neck. If this is enough, gently release back of head to mat, and release to starting position. Repeat as necessary to build strength.
  • Full Pose: From crown of head, inhale deeply; exhale press through hands and heels to lift hips high.
  • Press through feet to lengthen legs and open shoulders and heart. Elbows continue to draw. Strong shoulder draw.
  • To exit, simply release your crown lightly toward mat, then place back of skull on mat; lower one vertebrae at a time until lying flat.
  • Bring knees to chest for counter pose.
0-19 min
Brand New to Yoga, Pose Breakdown
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