Holy Yoga Continuing Education Credits

Divine Transformation

Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.

Proverbs 9:9

The Holy Yoga Continuing Education Program was created to facilitate ongoing growth in serving the Lord and His flock through Holy Yoga for our 100 & 200 hour Instructor Training Programs. To maintain the high level of integrity that is the Holy Yoga family and the Holy Yoga experience, Certified Holy Yoga Instructors (C-HYI 100 & 200) are expected to consistently grow in intimacy with Christ through prayer, a knowledge of God through scripture, and the furthering of their yoga education.  The Holy Yoga Continuing Education Program has two intended purposes: to keep Holy Yoga Instructors updated in their training and to provide Holy Yoga with an understanding of which instructors are continuing to teach in their areas.

Documentation of Continuing Education (CE) needs to be submitted to Holy Yoga for review every three (3) years upon completion of a Holy Yoga Certification. Failure to complete the required credits and failure to pay the Core Membership may result in the termination of your Holy Yoga trademark usage.

Due to the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic any continuing education trainings done online, whether pre-recorded or live- that are taken between now and December 31, 2022 can count toward contact or non-contact hours. Additionally, online teaching hours can count toward the teaching hours requirement. Please see below for qualifications of Holy Yoga continuing education trainings and requirements.

Holy Yoga’s Continuing Education requirements consist of the following three elements:


Intimacy with Christ is the most important call on our lives as followers of Jesus and as Holy Yoga Instructors. We believe ordering our lives through spiritual disciplines allows us to place value on receiving His love and grace first, and then, offering that overflow to those we teach. We will only teach what we know for ourselves. This is spiritual health.

It is difficult to measure the formation of our souls in spiritual practice except by love: love of God and love of others. However, there are a few immeasurable spiritual disciplines we strongly encourage and will continue to support for your growth: time on the mat, time in the Word (Bible study), prayer & meditation, community, solitude & silence, and retreat. We call this soul care.

Soul care hours may be acquired by measurable means such as

Bible study (Holy Yoga Bible Study or Bible study at your church or with a small group) -or-

Retreat (Holy Yoga Immersions Holy Yoga Retreat, a Holy Yoga regional retreat, or a community/church retreat)

Immeasurable examples of soul care in Holy Yoga include HYTV, Holy Yoga prayer calls, Holy Yoga recorded meditation, and Holy Yoga regional life groups.


These hours are acquired by teaching 45 hours of yoga within a three year period.

Teaching may consist of regular classes, workshops, and/or retreats, in either the Holy Yoga or Hatha Yoga style.


These hours are acquired by attending yoga trainings in-person (contact) or virtually (non-contact) each three year period.

Contact Educational Hours – 10 or more

Contact hours can be obtained through hands-on (in-person) Holy Yoga instructor trainings, Holy Yoga workshops, yoga courses and discussion/study groups.

Examples: Holy Yoga Touch Training, Getaway, Holy Yoga workshops/retreats, yoga workshop, Revelation Wellness Instructor Training on Anatomy

Non-Contact Educational Hours – up to 20

Non-Contact hours are completed virtually or not in-person.

Examples: Chair/Senior Holy Yoga Training, Holy Yogalates Training, Pre-/Post-Natal Training, Kids Holy Yoga Training, Holy Yoga Master’s Program


Who needs to submit Continuing Education hours?

CE hours must be submitted to maintain the following instructor designations:

A Holy Yoga Instructor with a minimum of 500 hours of yoga instructor training that meets Holy Yoga standards.

A Holy Yoga Instructor with a minimum of 225 hours of Holy Yoga instructor training that meets Holy Yoga standards.

A Holy Yoga instructor with a minimum of 200 hours of yoga teacher training and 95 hours of Holy Yoga instructor training that meets Holy Yoga standards.

Who can provide Continuing Education hours?

A yoga teacher with a minimum of two years and 1,000 hours of teaching experience. Can be a Primary Instructor of a 200-Hour teacher training program.

A RYT 500 that has significant teaching and training experience. Can be a Primary Instructor of a 200-Hour teacher training program

Holy Yoga Specialty Programs can provide CE hours if pursued. Below is a list of specialty certifications that apply.  Upon completion, instructors will carry the specialty designation(s) below.

When do I need to submit my hours?

Your three years start after completion of the 200 or 100 hour instructor training program. Periodic emails will remind you to submit your hours.

How do I submit my hours?

Your hours must be submitted on-line via your Holy Yoga user account. Once you are logged into your profile, click on My Account and then scroll down until you see My Continuing Education or you can use this direct link to enter your hours.

Does attending yoga classes count towards 10 hours of contact?

No.  These must be educational or instructional hours.  Attending a yoga workshop would count.