Holy Yoga Experience

Divine Transformation


The all-new HYE is only available for Licensed Instructor Trainers to host. HY Instructors are welcome to be part of the planning team but cannot host at this time.


The HYE is a half-day retreat that showcases what Holy Yoga is all about. The goal is to facilitate these events simultaneously (or close to it) around the globe. These events will have a consistent structure and flow to them that is set by HY in order to ensure that participants truly get a “Holy Yoga” experience from the event.


November 4, 2023, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm in the local time zone where the HYE is held. This is the only day and time the HYE can be held. If this day or time does not work for you to participate in, you will be able to participate in future offerings, as we hope this will be a quarterly event each year.


The primary purpose of a HYE is to invite a community to experience Holy Yoga for the first time. An HYE also has the ability to foster community within the HY family and also promote HY classes and trainings (both in person and online); however, this should be secondary to the primary purpose of introducing new people to the culture of HY.

Schedule of the Day:

  • 7:00am ​- ​7:30am Arrive ​For ​Set-up
  • 8:30am ​- ​9:00am Check ​In
  • 9:15am ​- ​9:30am Intro/Alignment ​Video
  • 9:30am ​- ​10:30am Holy ​Yoga ​Class
  • 10:30am ​- ​10:45am Snack/Water ​Break
  • 10:45am ​- ​11:15pm Bible ​Study ​With ​Brooke
  • 15 ​minute ​Live ​Worship ​Will ​Follow ​Bible ​Study ​If ​Your ​City ​Has Lined ​Up ​A ​Volunteer ​Worship ​Leader
  • 11:25pm ​- ​11:30pm Holy Yoga Intro ​Video
  • 11:30pm ​- ​11:45pm Heart ​Meditation ​And ​Closing
  • 11:45pm ​- ​12:00pm Clean-up, ​Lunch ​With ​Team ​If ​Desired!

Requirements to Host:

  • Yoga flow – must be LIT/TT/HY Staff taught (1hr)
  • Bible study – provided by HY
  • Intro/Alignment video – provided by HY
  • Meditation – and HYI can do within HY guidelines
  • Time for community
  • A large TV or projector screen for viewing videos
  • Must be a LIT with HY
  • Agree to follow the guidelines for the day from HY
  • Commitment to a minimum of 10 paid participants


The host is responsible for any expenses that might be needed to put on an HYE. Circumstances will be different for each city, but possible expenses might include: venue rental, AV/Worship team expenses, snacks, additional marketing, printing, etc. HY will provide materials and support (listed below), but additional materials are optional and at the discretion of the host.

All registrations will be done through HY, and the cost for participants to register will be $20.

What HY Provides:

  • Support box of supplies and templates
  • Promotion on HY platforms
  • Playlists
  • Outlines/Scripts
  • Bible study and Alignment videos
  • Paid advertising targeted to your location
  • Strategic partnership possibilities with your local area
  • All registrations

Benefits to the Host:

  • Exposure in their communities for their yoga classes/studio AND training
  • Opportunity to partner with other businesses and collaborate locally
  • A fantastic way to introduce Holy Yoga to people and create community centered around your business
  • Ability to capitalize on referral partner earnings


August 31st: Applications to host deadline

September 8th: Venue secured and confirmed

September 12th: Zoom training call

September 15th: Registration opens and advertising begins

Last week in October: Zoom training call

November 4th: HYE Day!

Ready to Host?

If you made it to the bottom of this page, congrats! If you would like to be considered to host a Holy Yoga Experience for the November 4, 2023 event, please fill out the form no later than August 31st.