In-Person 200-Hour Training Program with Dwell Yoga

Divine Transformation

Holy Yoga Instructor Training

In-Person 200-Hour Training Program with Dwell Yoga


Holy Yoga’s programs and teachings place emphasis on the complete wellbeing of your body and soul. They are not to be performed, but to be lived. And our Christ-centered yoga philosophy doesn’t focus on what you have been, but on the person you are becoming in Christ. Our passion drives our mission by creating space for a life-changing transformation. Through Holy Yoga, you will learn and live a life’s journey of inspiration, fellowship and spirituality. 

200 Hour Instructor Training
Train In-Person to Become a Holy Yoga Instructor

Open to beginner and experienced yogis alike; Holy Yoga is a Christ-centered, highly regarded international yoga instructor training program that has been providing world-class yoga training since 2006. The 200 Hour program invites individuals into the Holy Yoga community to receive expert yoga training as well as Christ-centered spiritual development. In this training you will immerse yourself in 9 sessions of in-person classes. 

Training Outline

  • Session 1: Introduction, Expectations, Bible Study, Yoga Philosophy & Religion
  • Session 2: Bible Study, Introduction to Energy
  • Session 3: Bible Study, Breath, Meditation, Weaving the Word, Seated Poses
  • Session 4: Bible Study, Planes of the Body, Key Movements, Student Pop, Cueing, Standing Poses
  • Session 5: Bible Study, Sequencing, Balancing Poses
  • Session 6: Bible Study, Core, Pelvic Girdle, Arm Balances& Inversions
  • Session 7: Bible Study, Shoulder Anatomy, Sequencing, Backbends
  • Session 8: Bible Study, Lymphatic System, Touch & Assists, Forward Folds & Twists
  • Session 9: Bible Study, Business of Yoga, Special Populations, Restorative Poses
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  • In-person class sessions
  • Life group
  • Additional home study
  • Reading assignments
  • At-home video instruction
  • Teaching practicum & more!

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