Referral FAQs

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Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about the Holy Yoga Referral Program

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Who can become a Referral Partner?

Anyone who loves Holy Yoga! While our Referral Program is designed for our instructors to use, it is open to anyone who is a fan of Holy yoga.

What can I earn as a Referral Partner?

Refer any customer to make a purchase on our website using your referral link and you will get credits applied to your account each month based on what your customer purchased.

When will I see my commission?

Referral commissions will be distributed into accounts funds between the 1st and the 5th of each month unless otherwise noted.

Can I get paid cash for my referrals?

No cash payments will be distributed. Commissions are given as a discount credit to be stored in the Referral Partner’s Holy Yoga account funds at and can only be used as a discount on approved Holy Yoga programming. Referral Partner commissions are not redeemable for cash. 

How do I get my referral link?

Once you fill out the application and are approved you will receive access to the Referral Dashboard in your account. There is where you will find your unique referral link and many other resources to help you be successful in sharing your love of Holy Yoga.

Does my link work on all the programs or just one?

Your link will cover anything the person purchases that qualifies for the referral program. You will also have the ability to create custom links and campaigns inside your dashboard if you wish.

Will I be able to see who purchased?

Absolutely! You will be able to track all of your links to see who has made visits to the site and purchases made using your links.

How are referrals tracked?

We use a cookie to track people who have clicked on your link, so they need to be using cookies for us to track them.

If a person doesn’t allow cookies or clears their cookies, then we can’t track them, so can’t pay earnings on that person’s activity. Holy Yoga is not obligated to pay a commission to Referral Partners if the cookies are not used. 

What are the Terms & Conditions of the Referral Program?

You can find all the terms & conditions for the Holy Yoga Referral Program HERE. These are also presented when you apply as a checkbox that you agree to. If you have any questions about these please email or ask in the chat feature.

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